Made To Order - Rabbits Aren't Just For Easter - Large Hand Printed Linocut Tote Bag

Perfect for carrying shopping books, every day stuff & ideal for parties!

Originally produced in 2016 and for Easter this year Bonfirecherry has decided to bring this cute design back!

This large tote bag has a handprinted linocut printed design on the outside inspired by a hare but at the time I produced the design I thought it was a rabbit and the name stuck. A ironed on Bonfirecherry logo inside and it's 100% cotton. 
The bag roughly measures 38cm x 42cm and can be carried by hand or over your shoulder

As this product is made to order, your order will processed between 1 to 5 days. You will receive updates by email.

Because all my bags are handmade they will always be placed differently and have some faded bits but that makes your bag unique!

Note: Be aware because of printing by hand each tote bag is slightly different, so the position and colour of the image might vary a bit from the one you are looking at so that means no two images will be 100% identical so the tote bag you receive will be unique.

This product will arrive in a parcel bag with the item gift wrapped in tissue paper with a personalised gift tag!