Why You Can Only Buy Bonfirecherry Products From Bonfirecherry.com & The Bonfirecherry Etsy Shop

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Why You Can Only Buy Bonfirecherry Products From Bonfirecherry.com & The Bonfirecherry Etsy Shop

Hello all!

As you see by the day this post is published that it is not the Cherry Post no.80, that will be part of a double CP with no.81 next week.

I decided to write a post about why Bonfirecherry products are only available here at Bonfirecherry.com & at the Etsy shop online and nowhere else.

Over the past 4 years I have been running Bonfirecherry, I have been offered so many times if I wanted to have Bonfirecherry products advertised on a online marketplace with other businesses and their products.

Since then I have said, no.

Reason why is that because Bonfirecherry means so much to me (like any small business that makes handmade products), it’s been a part of me for over 7 years ago from the name of the brand to finally starting it as a real business 3 years later that I like to have control over the products even though I know the advertising would help BC a lot.

It’s just that I have rent space twice in shops and cafes offline and one marketplace online and it just hasn’t worked out, not saying that they were bad I would recommend them to people just wasn’t for me as like any art it’s not for everyone.

While the shops, cafes & marketplace I mentioned above were great looking, it’s just getting enough people to come and have a look especially when it comes to shops and cafes such as at a shop I rented a space 3 years ago, great place but it wasn’t in a prime location and didn’t have good parking so that often put people off which is a shame as the shop was a treasure cove of wonderful handmade items and vintage products.

With that I only sold one item and with monthly rent & them taking their % of the profit (which I can understand as you are using their space) it just didn’t seem right for me to keep the products there.

The point I’m finally getting at here (this was just a rough idea for a blog post and just thinking this up as I go along..) is that if you are in a situation like me with handmade products is to do your research first to find out the footfall (retail term for turn out of people) and if the business is a great location eg no problem with parking and if it ticks those boxes then it’s up to you if you want to put your stuff there.

I could go more into this but I think that’s enough for now, thank you very much for reading.


 PS. As mentioned a few times via Social media I do have framed prints at a selection of cafes around Northampton & occasionally so the title really just means a lot. 

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