What if this small business changed owners?

What if this small business changed owners?

Hello all

This is a random blog post about a possible change on how Bonfirecherry is run in the future and curious to get your feedback on in the comments below.

In short I will be talking about a change to the person who runs Bonfirecherry but it’s not to be easy to explain as you will find out reading below.

For awhile now I have been separating my personal life and my life running Bonfirecherry online and other places but with some personal decisions I will likely be making soon in the future I thought I cross the line for this post to get some feedback from people who support Bonfirecherry etc



I will be blunt as I’ve got a few blog posts such as “Happy” and the “A View Behind The Cherry” blog series going into this in detail but I’m currently wanting to change from Matt to a girl called Megan (pictured in the instagram post above).

This is something I have been dealing with as a child and during this year I have been able to get seen at Gender Services at Daventry hospital and the time there has been helping me be more confident as my other self that I feel like Matt is a tomboy version of myself.

I won’t go too much into that as ive got the many blog posts mentioned above.

The reason I’m bringing this up as if (most very likely) go further with my decision to change who I am, I will need to change on who runs Bonfirecherry well in photos I would share online/at this website eg and appearances (on the Bonfire Banter Podcast, Networking Groups & Fairs) as people will ask as anyone would really  I suppose.

I won’t erase the years I’ve ran Bonfirecherry as Matt, not going to do that and won’t force anyone but that’s something I would have to think about/face closer to the time.

Recently as my other identity that you will see more of soon I’ve learnt that no one really cares about what you do unless you give them a reason to.

So the title for this blog post is somewhat correct as the appearance of the owner and the name would be different BUT would be the same person. 

I appreciate your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 


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