Vintage & Craft Fair @ Abington Park Museum

Yesterday I attended the Vintage & Craft Fair at Abington Park Museum, originally not planned to attend but after a few people asking and that it went well for Bonfirecherry when I was at the Museum last in April I decided to say yes!

I managed to get myself back in the same room I was in last time as I done pretty well, I usually get to the venue about an hour/45 minutes before the event starts but this time around I got there 2 hours early so I didn’t need to rush. Upside of not rushing you can have a good look around the wonder museum before the rush of customers (hopefully with money in hand) and change the layout round on what you think be popular with potential customers.

If you read last weeks Cherry Post I won an award from Muddy Stilettos for Best Local Producer (creative) so I decided to have the award in the middle of the stall so anyone looking at my stall can see it. If you don’t know about the awards check out the “Cherry Post” tag at the bottom of the post to see last weeks & all the other Cherry Posts that I publish every Friday.

As the way of craft fairs or any events that sometimes it’s very busy with people that you don’t stop til the end while other times its dead for a lot of the 5/6 hours you are there with this event mostly being the latter. It's funny that it was not as busy compared to the last fair I attended at the venue in April yet I had a record amount of sales (making my money back from paying for the stall + profit). Only thing I had to change during the day was the price for the tote bags, a lot of the designs are £7 and how I wrote the label they looked like £1 so after a while I had to go over the price label to make sure it looked like £7. Overall I had a sale with the prints, brooches, notebooks & tote bags with the notebooks being the most popular (so thankfully I produced quite a lot at the start of the week, see Cherry Post No.21).

I've been doing craft fairs for over 2 years now, during that time I've met a lot of talented crafters who I have became friends with such as

  • Zoe and her husband from Recycled Vinyl who make wonderful products using vinyl. Check out there Facebook page here 
  • Lisa from Get Smitten. Lovely lady with amazing products, I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page here 

The museum is planning on having another event around Christmas so I am so wanting to go back there later on this year after I have built up tons of stock for the Atomic Vintage Festival (You can tell I am excited for this as I believe I have at least mentioned it in every blog post since I booked it).

Speaking of the Atomic Vintage Festival, I have one more event at the end of July then it's the festival in August. I've massed produced the notebooks this week, beginning of July it be the brooches and towards the end will be prints, leaving posters (possibly cards) and printed bags in July.

If you got any questions about anything feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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