Throwback | The stall of bags + prints

Originally posted 21st September 2014

I hosted a stall at a fair today so thought i do a blog post about how it went. I wont go too much into the prep work (like the bags) as I've gone into it many times in my previous posts.

The biggest change since my last fair is that instead of going under my own name at the fair, to save confusion I decided to go under Bonfirecherry. All I had to do was re-bag all my prints switching my personal business card with a BC card, only took me about an hour. I also changed the fabric my stall was covered in to something vibrant which can be spotted a few feet away.

 Anyway back to the fair today, I am slighly sidetracking here arent i? 

 The fair today went alright, even though it wasn't as busy as the previous fairs I've hosted a stall at. But hey fairs are like that sometimes they are busy while other times they are quiet like that, its down to how the fair is advertised so isn't my fault.. As I wanted the stall stood out and got people looking as they were walking past. I sold 3 prints during the 4 hours so for me it turned out ok for me.


Bring on the christmas fayre in november!

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