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Fridays are for the Cherry Post and I thought for the next few Thursdays I go with the whole Throwback idea and share some old blog posts that were published a few years ago on the old that people can’t find anymore as some of them are true gems.

I thought to start it off I share this post about the origins of the Camera No.2 design, originally posted May 16th 2014


Hello in this blog post I am going to be talking about one of my favourite and original prints “Camera No.2”

You must be wondering what happened to Camera No.1? Camera No.1 was one of my original linocut prints I made in April last year which was based on  Sony digital camera which I fell out of love with after awhile. It was a good idea but didn’t get peoples attention that Camera No.2 has done now.

Anyway, back to Camera No.2 around 2 years ago I used to volunteer at my local charity shop for a bit to get some job experience to get a  job . One day I saw this camera while looking through a box of film cameras that we were going to put so took a picture of it to add to my photography blog on tumblr that I was obsessed with at the time. So when it came around to the ideas stage of making my prints last year I came across the picture and decided to use it.

There are so many Polaroid camera prints out there that I really wanted to do something different & didn’t see anyone do this brand of camera.

So the next stage was carving Camera No.2 into lino, during the carving stage I was debating with myself to dig out all the lino around the camera so it has a white background or keep it as it is, as you can see in the end I decided otherwise and I am thankful I did.



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