Throwback | New Genre + New Designs

Originally posted November 11th 2014

This is a genre that I thought would be a good idea but turned out not to be but hey not all ideas will work out

For awhile now alongside the popularity of the tote bags I have been thinking of a new genre for my prints as I have stuck to the same genres (photography, steam punk + stamps) and wanted to branch out into something else and after a few months I have finally hit on a new unique genre, Japanese packaging.

One of the things I learnt knowledge about during school and college that I haven't talked to much people about was, packaging. From drawing and painting sweet packaging at school to creating fictional packaging designs for bottles and other items a few years ago its a genre that I have history in but I never thought about it til recently.  As you may know already I am a huge fan of all thing Japanese, so I looked online mostly pinterest for ideas and I found so many ideas for prints which I could give my own take on. My goals was that I wanted to find ideas for prints that would be unique and be just as iconic as my Camera No.2 series of prints and I believe I have found them.

As the ideas are inspired japanese packaging I wanted to change the type on the design but didn't want to put some english type on it as that would ruin it so after some thought on what I should have written on there I went with the easy option, Bonfire Cherry which in japanese is たき火 チェリー (took me awhile to make sure it translate back into english as Bonfire cherry as I originally wrote たき火桜 which translates as Bonfire Sakura). 

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