Throwback | How I Produce A Custom Print

This post is a treat for everyone who has ever bought any typewriter inspired designs over the last few years from Bonfirecherry (heck, I've still got a version of it at the shop as I'm writing this) as this is the post for the origin of the design.

Originally posted June 21st 2014


One of the things I have been busy with recently has been custom prints so in this blog post I want to go through the process of how I produce a custom lino print for the example I am going to talk about my most recent custom print that I, my client (the most important person) and friends/family love.

My client wanted a print of a lime green vintage typewriter, as I don’t own one ( I wish they did, they look really nice) I looked through online and came across this it’s style really caught my attention that I just had to use it.



So I traced the outline of the typewriter to make it the right shape + size to fit on a A4 size paper then I drew the rest in giving the typewriter my take on it (like the letters scribbled out on the paper coming out of the typewriter) and making it easier to carve when I get the idea onto the lino.



The next step was to go over the idea in black with a artist sketching pen making sure I get the idea onto lino I wouldn’t miss anything out.

While I was carving the idea onto the lino I got asked by the customer if she could have the typewriter black & background green which I was ok with doing

So after I carved the typewriter into the lino I then cut around the lino with a craft knife so I could print the typewriter in black first then use the left over lino to print a green background.

Since I produced this print a lot of people have been loving the typewriter. After I printed this I did alter the the typewriter lino a tiny bit (I removed the 2nd piece of paper sticking out of the typewriter) so when I get around to printing of this again it will be different to the original that my customer who requested this has got.

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