Throwback | Duston Fun Day/ Is there a line to expressing your creativity?

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Throwback | Duston Fun Day/ Is there a line to expressing your creativity?

As I'm doing the 2017 Duston Fun Day, I thought I share this post from June 17th 2015.

Seems like a tradition that I write about the preparation of an upcoming fair and this blog post is no different.I have been preparing for a few weeks  already for a fair but sadly that got cancelled awhile ago so this one was my back-up fair even though I was looking forward for this one too.

With the wonders of the connections I have made with other small businesses and other creative people ever since my first stall at a fair I have learnt new advice to improve it and this fair coming up is no expection, unlike the last fair I have taken into account adding height the stall like the tote bag stand which I managed to get my hands on for free and using shoe boxes to help some of my A4 prints stand out (all seen above in the top picture).

I have only a few things left then I have everything prepared.

I hoping for it to go well ^^



Is there a line to expressing your creativity? 

I use twitter alot and come across a conversation during a twitter hour (an hour using a certain hashtag where you can connect with other people and businsses) with the host of the hour wanting to ban a business from the hour because their products had the F word in it. Which got me thinking, Is there a line to expressing your creativity?  

Isn't swearing a way of expressing yourself? A lot of people do it and I dont see nothing wrong using it in their handmade products as not everything is going to be family friendly I believe its ok to be tongue in cheek

We are human after all, it's human nature to express the emotions we have got so I like to think the only line that there should be when its intended to be racist and offend masses of people. 

I think I could go into this subject a lot more but I might leave the rest for another blog

Would love to hear what your opinion  post a comment below, tweet me at @Bonfirecherry or email

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