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Originally posted 21st May 2014

In this blog post I will be talking about my steam punk inspired linocut print, The Aviator. Sometime during last year I got an idea from a friend to do a steam punk inspired project which I didn’t really know of at the time (all what I knew about steam punk at the time was the Panic! At The Disco music video ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’………) so for a few days I done my research on the interweb and got a few books about world war looking through many images of various things, mostly world war 2 aviators caught my attention for this print.

In the end I found a great image of a male world war 2 pilot (at the time I’m writing this post I can’t seem to find the image I used anywhere)  I got the idea for the headwear & scarf sorted it was the face which was the problem for me.

So I went through various ideas like this one (who really looks like Charles Ashford from Resident Evil: Apocalypse dont you think?) with or without the mustaches & glasses to see what works.

 I then came across this idea, can’t remember where the idea for the eyes came from (I think it was some manga I was reading) and they really caught my attention. In doing so I made the face gender neutral I personally thought it was man still but a few people said it reminded them of Amelia Earhart which was a good compliment.

Edit: I do have some MOUNTED prints of this design available (at a price) if you are ever interested in ordering this design, comment below or message me directly

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