The Plump Partridge Connection

Hello all!

I was planning on talking about this in the Cherry Post but I thought a blog post dedicated to this is more appropriate.

Today (the day this blog post goes live) is going to be the last day, the Plump Partridge, a Northampton based café will be closing!

Since 2016 there has been a connection between this wonderful café and Bonfirecherry that I thought I go into that.



I can’t remember if it was me contacting Faye, the owner of the Plump Partridge or Faye contacting me but back in 2016 I was commissioned to produce some Plump Partridge t-shirts for the cafes members of staff, this was the second out of three times I have produced t-shirts for a small businesses.

These t-shirts were fun to produce like all my commissions, I have still got the lino to it now, maybe I could print the logo inside the Bonfirecherry print shed as a bit of a tribute? Thoughts in the comment below.



In the café they have a small collection of art work ranging from prints to drawings framed available for it’s customers to purchase, around the time I was commissioned to produce the t-shirts I put a print in there called “All Saints (Aubergine)” that I produced around the same time based on a church of the same name that was located just behind the café in the colour that is connected to Northampton.

I go by the motto “That If Someone Respects You, Always Good To Return The Respect” and that’s what I did with the Plump Partridge. They gave me respect by the commission and for allowing me to have the print in there so over the years I have always liked to support the café by coming in whenever I was in town, gave them shotouts on social media.

I didn’t always have the “All Saints” print in there, around Christmas 2016 I put some reduced linocut prints in there to see if anyone was interested.

I then swapped the print a few times over the years from ones inspired by a Cockerel, Bread and the rest was Northampton inspired.


I hope to keep in contact with Faye and the rest of the PP crew as I would like to keep on supporting them with their future projects.


I’m truly going to miss The Plump Partridge.



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