The One Piece Connection

The One Piece Connection

Hello all!

I thought in this blog post I go into the history of the connection between Bonfirecherry, a small Northampton based printmaker/small business and One Piece, a huge Japanese anime/manga series.

I’ve been a fan of Japanese anime/manga series the early 2000’s, I believe around 2006 where I came across a shop that sold manga in my home town which I was visiting on my birthday and bought the series Trigun which I talk about in a very old blog post which you can find here.

I discovered One Piece around 2010 which was the time I was in Northampton and Bonfirecherry was a fictional t-shirt business as part of my graphic design college course I was on at the time but that was the only connection at the time.

By 2014 when Bonfirecherry was back from the dead as a linocut printing business that you see it now, I became such as a fan of Anime and Manga watching/reading One Piece a lot and when it came to coming up names I looked at the names used in One Piece as a tribute to the series and it’s author Eiichiro Oda.



If memory serves me correctly the first Bonfirecherry design that got inspired by One Piece was the A4 linocut print called Private Ace, the name Ace comes from a popular character in the series.



When I came up with the stamps/owls inspired design Yonko’s Messenger, I got the name Yonko from One Piece which translate as the Four Emperors.



I borrowed one of the main characters name for Robin’s War.



Likewise for Chopper because the character is a reindeer.



The Revolutionary Soldier get it’s name from an army called the Revolutionaries in One Piece





Both 2014 & 2015 versions of Lily The Owl princess where I got inspired with the style and hair from the series.



The fish inspired design Jinbei get it’s name from the fishman character of the same name.



Raizo is one of my current designs inspired by a Samurai character in the series

A design I produced earlier this year, Oden was an interesting choice. As it’s a name of a One Piece character that has been mentioned a few times but we don’t have a clue what he looks like. Hopefully not like the design haha.

That’s all the tributes that I have done over the years, just my way of respecting the anime/manga series that I adore. If I won the lottery I would travel to Japan and find out where the office where Eiichiro Oda works and soak in the Japanese culture I adore so much.

I did produce a custom lincout print of the main character, Monkey D Luffy for a client awhile ago that I wish I still had the lino for.

There is just something about the series I get a lot of inspired from be it the designs or the names of the characters. It's a long running series, at the top of this blog post being published there has been 852 anime episodes and 916 manga chapters and still got another 5 to 10 years left til it's finished so I'm committed to the series!

 I think that’s everything going into the connection between One Piece and Bonfirecherry. Maybe there might be some more tributes in the future?

Thanks for reading!


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