The History of Bonfirecherry

Even though Bonfirecherry, the business is over a  few years old now the name originates from a project I produced at college many years before that.

I studied Art & Design and Graphic Design at college for a few years, where I gained most of the art knowledge that I still use to this day. I found screen printing, one of the skills I learnt to be the most interesting that when it came to my final major project as part of my Graphic Design course my mind was set on producing a fictional t-shirt business of t-shirt designs I produced using screen print!

The fictional business needed a name which resulted in a lot of brainstorming. Nothing I thought of worked for me until one evening around bonfire night, I got off the bus near my home drinking a cherry coke (which I rarely have and haven’t had since) and spilled some of the drink over myself while going past a house with a lit bonfire in one of the back gardens. From this I got the names Cherry Bonfire or Bonfire Cherry and well as you can tell I went with the latter. When it came to ideas for the look of the logo I decided to go with neon lights and slow machines.

The project was well received by friends and family which made all the love and work I put into it, worth it. This convinced me into making Bonfirecherry into a real business but at the time I didn’t have a job so I had to put the business idea on hold for a while.I

It was only two years later when I got myself a job when helped me bring Bonfirecherry back from the ashes, but during that time I went through all the skills I learnt from college and rediscovered linocut printing which I decided would make a unique and quirky business with instead of screen printing and could develop into linocut produced items such as prints, tote bags and badges that Bonfirecherry produces today.


Creator and Owner of Bonfirecherry. 

Credit to Khandie Photography for the new picture

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