The End Of Same Day Dispatch? The Future of Bonfirecherry in 2018!

Hello all

There is going to be some changes to Bonfirecherry in 2018.

People who know me very well, I have been running Bonfirecherry alongside a part time job which I have had since 2012 til now.

Bonfirecherry is a mixture of a hobby/small business for me. Sales I receive help me fund new designs and materials but sadly not enough that I can give in job in and do it full time despite all the different things I have tried.

Due to reasons such as bills and other stuff I have been looking for a full time job for awhile and last week I got offered one which I accepted!

I start the full time job on Boxing Day when Bonfirecherry is on it’s Christmas Break so there will be some changes to this small business from January 2018

One of the changes from the new year that there will no longer be Same Day Dispatch on shop orders, this is something that I have been doing for over 4 years. As I will be working longer hours, Instead it be Next Day Dispatch instead but more details about that closer to the time

I promised new designs and that will happen in the new year, but there will be a slight delay on that. Bonfirecherry is and will be part of my life but I will take a small break from anything new for awhile in my new job to get settled etc before I plan anything new (I have a lot of new ideas) also got my 2nd attempt at my driving test which I will be focusing on. Edit: This is why the Christmas/New Year Break til January 22nd 2018.

When it comes to fairs, there really won’t be any changes at this current time due to I really only do fairs around Christmas now.

There will be some changes to social media posts but I won’t go into any details about that til closer to the time.

The Cherry Post, the name I call the series of weekly blog posts I publish nearly every Friday. The time of this post I am at Cherry Post No.94 I plan on continuing these til just before I start my new job which is when BC is on it’s Christmas Break. From then the Cherry Post will take a break til as mentioned early, I have settled in my new job and ready to do print work again which should be CP no.100. I know some people like to read the Cherry Post, which does makes me smile and keeps me wanting to write them every week.

I think that’s all for this post. If you got any questions about anything I have mentioned above do please comment below or message me directly.


Owner of Bonfirecherry

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