The Cherry & The Sake | Visit to Hyper Japan

The Cherry & The Sake | Visit to Hyper Japan

Hello all, during the weekend I visited the Hyper Japan festival at the Olympia in London so thought I talk about it in a blog post, so this more a personal blog post than a Bonfirecherry related one.

For people who don't know I am a big fan of Japanese manga/anime with the series called One Piece being my favourite as a lot of my work gets influenced by it (yonko's messenger and chopper being 2 examples), a friend of mine who went with me mentioned about this event a few months ago so I had to get a ticket!

Usually I go to these sort of events dressed up in cosplay (click comic con tag below to see a blog posts about that) but at the last event I ripped the top and haven't got around to buying a new one yet so went with a recent purchase I made of a cool shirt with cherries on which I will be wearing at events now as it matches with the brand. 

With London, to get to most places you take the train so this is what I done with my friends to get to the Olympia which was a fun journey with me being cocky thinking I know where we were going but ended up going around in circles with me saying "where is your sense of adventure hey?"

Got there in the end hot and bothered already but glad we got there and glad I didn't dressed up otherwise I would have been even more hot by the time we got there. Didn't take long to get into the venue itself and couldn't get over how big the place was!

After looking around at a lot of the stalls I was starving so thought I have a hunt around the Japanese themed food stalls and as the saying goes "when it rome" I decided to try some Takoyaki (octopus balls) which were really really nice and highly recommend them to anyone who loves trying new food like I do they are super filling!

My friend Marcus who I met up at a venue (I was traveling with another friend so there was 3 of us in total) bought tickets for me and him to try the sake experience at the event, if you don't know sake is rice wine which is a pretty acquired taste for most people.

The experience involved trying a small shot of different types of sake that 8 different sake brewers produced voting on which one you like the most. All together me and my friends counted 26 small shot cases full of sake all different % of alcohol we tried out with me buying a can & a bottle to have a future meet up with friends. If you ever go to Hyper Japan the next time it's on and old enough to drink I highly recommend checking out the experience as it's great fun.

I was fine after the experience, honest ^^

After that I decided to look around the venue again looking at all the stalls and decided to buy myself a few things like a new figure to add to my collection which I have on my book case.

Somewhere in London I always wanted to go is Camden market and after we had enough of the event I convinced my friends to go there to see what it is like as it wasn't far off from the station we use to get home (Euston station to take us back to Northampton). 

I had a good look around at Camden to see what it was like, it was alright but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I spent the day there and had a lot of money to spend. While we were there as it was the last destination before heading back, we decided to have something to eat and to go with the japanese theme we decided to go to the restaurant Wagamama with me finishing the day off having sea food ramen with a yummy "repair" juice which I really needed at that point as I was knackered!

Overall the day was really fun that I do want to go back to Hyper Japan next year and try the sake experience again, maybe I could do a stall there in the future? You never know

If you love anything Japanese like I do, do comment below with what you like :)

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