The Cherry Post No.99 | Best Of The Cherry Post So Far Part 2

Hello all to the 2nd special Cherry Post where I talk about Cherry Post highlights from January to December 2017

I start part 2 by talking about the 54th CP which was published in February. I started off the year talking about new designs/products and this post was tea towels and custom eco-friendly wrapping fabric which were for the Northampton based café Magic Bean Emporium. It was fun producing tea towels, I do want to bring them back in the new year.  You can read the post here

I go badge crazy in the 61st Cherry Post where I talked about said item which I was working a lot on that week and go on about the April Fools that Bonfirecherry did this year which was funny as there was some people who were an interested in the items I produced for the prank, maybe in the new year? To find out what was the April Fool was about if you don’t know what I’m talking among other things, check out the post here.

One of the biggest events I got ready for and attended this year was the Vintage & Craft Fair at Lamport Hall. If you read part 1 I briefly mentioned about a big event from 2016 that I still have nightmares of, because of that I was a bit sceptical about doing something bigger than I usually do but not as big as last years event but it’s one of things that you don’t know til you try. This was the first of two 2 day event that Bonfirecherry attended during 2017 and with that it was fun preparing for it. In the 65th Cherry post which you can find here, I go into detail on how the event went.

I think for the last highlight I have chosen one of the most recent Cherry Posts where I talk about Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local which I had the honour of being invited to. It was Bonfirecherry’s second best event of 2017, you can read all the details here

I think that’s everything for the final Cherry Post of 2017, you have to wait til the return of the Cherry Post in 2018 for post no.100 😊

Thanks for everyone who reads the Cherry Post

Please comment below on your thoughts or suggestions when it comes to The Cherry post so i can make some improvements for the 100th Cherry Post, when it returns :)

Thanks for reading

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