The Cherry Post No.98 | Best Of The Cherry Post So Far Part 1

The Cherry Post No.98 | Best Of The Cherry Post So Far Part 1

Hello all to a special Cherry Post, for the next 2 CP’s I will share my favourite weekly blog posts on what Bonfirecherry been up to which I have been publishing since January 2016.

For this post I will go through my favourite Cherry Posts from January to December 2016.

First favourite so has to be Cherry Post no.1 published January 2016, where it all started with me talking about the idea of printing tote bags with screen printing ink instead of lino fabric inking pink that I used before. The problem was at the time that due to lino not being as popular as screen printing, the fabric ink for lino was more expensive, less for your money and took around about a week compared to screen printing which was the exact opposite and took a day to dry. You can find the very first Cherry Post here

May 27th 2016, The 18th Cherry post was published. The previous CP’s published before this was talking about my custom project for Magee St Bakery of BC producing some custom tote bags with their logo on and I like to share this post off for the picture of yours truly with said bags. You can find the post here

The 21st Cherry Post was published on June 2017 and this is another post I like to constantly share, as you will find out by reading the full blog post (found here) that around the time of this post I was nominated in Muddy Stilettos Northants “Best Local Product (Creative/ Non-Food/Drink)” which thanks to everyone voting helped Bonfirecherry achieve this award that I still cherish.

If you noticed with the past 2 posts I have mentioned a vintage festival, this is a event that is the biggest Bonfirecherry has appeared so far. If it went well for me, the CP talking about the event would be one of the highlights but as it didn’t and still have nightmares about it (hence why I’m not saying it by name, if you know me personally I have told you why I have nightmares about it in great detail but I’m going to be professional and won’t go into it in this post) it isn’t a highlight.

Thats the part 1 of Bonfirecherry’s Cherry Post highlights. You have to wait til next week for Part 2 of highlights of the Cherry Post from January to December 2017.

Thanks for reading!


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