The Cherry Post No.97 | #BCPortsmouth

Hello all to the last normal Cherry Post of 2017, the next 2 posts will be special ones which I will go more into at the end of the post (unless you have seen the blogging schedule I shared on social media recently).

I start this week’s CP off by talking about a small weekend trip down to Portsmouth, a place that since 5 or so years ago has some family connections which was the reason this time for some members of my family, I came along as it’s been ages since I been to Portsmouth and I so I could do some sightseeing while they were doing something else.


My hotel room, just dropped off my bag and now off to Portsmouth #BCPortsmouth

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The trip to Portsmouth started off getting on the road from Northampton around 8am and managed to get to Gosport (where the B&B was, near Portsmouth) 10am. Every now and then around this time of year some of the family who visit Portsmouth stayed at this hotel so it was my time this year, it’s a pretty small & cute B&B that I’ve got nothing bad to say about as I wasn’t there for long.



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After dropping off my suitcase, I headed off to Gosport Ferry to travel over to Portsmouth itself where the first thing you see is Spinnaker Tower (the photo is above is around the corner after getting off the ferry), one of the iconic things you see when coming to Portsmouth along with the Navy history that it has on offer with a lot of bases and museums.


Always good to visit an art gallery #BCPortsmouth

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I was going to be in Portsmouth for a few hours and as I visited the tower on my last visit along with some of the naval museums, I did my research on some places I haven’t visited before such as the Aspex Gallery which wasn’t away so easy to travel. I love art galleries and I liked this one, I did like the work they had on show and did have a good look around.

As just mentioned I did my research before hand and with that I mainly wanted to visit galleries & museums, with that I looked on maps on my phone and saw that Portsmouth Museum was only a few (around 10/12) minutes away so decided to head over there as my next destination.



When I got to the museum, took a few mins to catch my breath and tag myself in etc on social media (as you do in this day and age, I think some people don’t believe til they see it on facebook etc but that’s just my personal opinion) then went into giant building which looks like it’s been around for many years.


Sherlock! #BCPortsmouth

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The first room I went in was full of Sherlock Holmes items and other stuff that Arthur Conan Doyles, I was too busy looking at the art work that I didn’t know til after that there is Sherlock Holmes work there because the author came up with the first two Sherlock Holmes stories while in Portsmouth, know I know.


There was a room full of amazing art work like this, like wow 😮 #BCPortsmouth

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I swear the museum didn’t have a room I didn’t like as the next room I went in was full of different pieces of Naval art such as the one shown above. I confess it’s not the sort of art I like, I prefer Pop Art but I can still appreciate this (and the other painting shown at the top of the post). It was a great time visiting Portsmouth and the museum as it wasn’t during the school holidays so there was barely anyone around part from the 2 or 3 people so had plenty of time to look around different rooms.


I so want to do this as a print in the new year #BCPortsmouth

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There was 1 room full of items that looked like it should belong at the seaside (most likely was, I just love to look at items with an artist eye to see if I can get a design out of it more than read all of the info written down next to it which would help explain more) and there was so much stuff that I want to do as designs in the new year, you will have to wait til late Jan 2018 to see which stuff I picked 😉


I confess I’m not much of a gamer but wow! Tons of consoles! #BCPortsmouth

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With that room being my favourite, the room I found later on is my second favourite. I’m not much of a gamer but damnn there was a lot of old games consoles and games which you were able to play as you can see with the pic above. I would have spent a lot of time there but due to listening music on my phone on the way to Portsmouth and using location etc to find the museum my phone battery was low so after playing for a bit and taking some pictures I had to head back to Spinnaker Tower where the ferry back to Gospot was.


Yummy way to end the day 😋😮😍

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After heading back to the B&B to rest for a bit, we (me and the family) went out to a place called Port Solent to have dinner at a really cool looking restaurant called Wildwood where I had a yummy Philly Steak & Cheese sandwich & a lemon meringue sundae which ended the day off nicely.

Before heading back to home (Northampton) on the next day we did plan on doing a bit of shopping but due to it was raining where we were and snowing back at home so only went somewhere to do a tiny bit of shopping of the stuff we had to get and then a 4 hour journey (due to the weather and traffic instead of the 2 it took to get there) back home.

You can find all the pictures I took on Instagram with #BCPortsmouth



Moving on from Portsmouth, the last Cherry Post was about Bonfirecherry’s appearance at Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local in Kettering. During the week, we (us stallholders) received the pictures of ourselves & the event and see above a picture of yours truly. Only nick pick is that the pic wasn’t taken of me when I was busy or delaying with customers but still a good picture like all the pics that the photographer for the event took.

Something Bonfirecherry set up awhile ago was a Patreon account after seeing youtubers I watched promote it and some people thinking it’s good idea. Patreon is a way you help small creators etc and I thought this would be a good way to help Bonfirecherry but after a few months of promoting it the best I could, just wasn’t working out as well as I hoped (hey, nothing works out perfect all the time) so after some thought especially with Bonfirecherry going on it’s Christmas break soon I decided to disable the account.

I think that’s it for the final normal Cherry Post of 2017, the next 2 (98 & 99) Cherry posts will be the Best Of The Cherry Post where I talk about my favourite CP’s that I have published since January 2016. A normal Cherry post like this one, won’t return til late January/Early February 2018.

Bonfirecherry will be on it’s Christmas break from Friday 22nd December 2017 to Monday 22nd January 2018. The return date hasn’t been confirmed and could change, see this blog post to find why the break is so long.

For the final normal Cherry Post of 2017, it has turned out to be a long one haha Thank you very much for reading




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