The Cherry Post No.96 | Etsy Makers Northants's Etsy Made Local - Kettering Art Centre at St Andrews Church

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Last week’s CP was about Abington Park Museum’s Christmas Fair, this week’s is about Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local at Kettering Art Centre (St Andrews Church) which was Bonfirecherry’s last event of 2017.



Normally I would be talking about the tons of stuff I’ve had to do before the event, but due to the Christmas fair the weekend before I only had to sort out about 5 prints and that was it which was different but not complaining haha

I got to Kettering Art Centre at St Andrews Church early on Saturday, that early that no one else was there yet. I often have a habit of getting places early lol Thankfully around about 10 mins later everybody arrived at once.

I’m not just saying this as I’m part of the group but it was great doing a fair in a church, as I will show off later in pics & vids, with some lights and bunting you can make it into one of the prettiest fairs I have ever attended. It was great meeting a lot of the Northampton based Etsy sellers in person that who I have spoken to online and seem some of their work around Northampton


That’s Bonfirecherry’s stall ready for @etsymakersnorthants #etsymakersnorthants first #Etsymadelocal!

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I did like the location of the Bonfirecherry stall which was in front of a church organ (maybe I do a print of it in 2018?), I got there shortly after 8 and didn’t finish changing my layout around before 10 because I am so undeceive lol  Something that was on it’s last legs was the old VHS (video tape for the youngsters) that I have used for A5 prints in the past but notebooks for this event which I need to work on fixing before Bonfirecherry’s next event in 2018 but done it’s job for the last event of this year.


@etsymakersnorthants #etsymakersnorthants #etsymadelocal

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Something us stall holders received for this event from Fran (the owner of Little Stamp Store) the wonderful lady who helped organise this event was this wicked Etsy Aprons, how cute are they?!

So yeah, by the time I finished sorting out the Bonfirecherry stall and helping out with other things it was the start of the Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local which started off busy (great sign) and received my first sale in the first 10 mins!


Short of change so had to buy a cake lol

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There was great constant footfall ( retail term for turn out of people) nearly all day with all of the stalls looking busy. Busy for me most of the day that I ran out of change to had to nip over to the yummy cake stall and purchase this cute unicorn cupcake which looked too cute to eat haha Something I purchased for this event that is an investment for next year is a card reader which I used a fair few times during the day.

By the end of the day I made the second biggest amount of money on the Bonfirecherry stall that Bonfirecherry has made this year, not far behind what my step dad made on my stall at the Abington Park Museum (I think there is something my step dad has got which I haven’t lol)

For Bonfirecherry’s last event of the year it was a hit for me and I want to attend more Etsy Makers Northants events in 2018


Which design is your favourite?

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As I haven’t got anymore events for quite some time, I decided to add the tote bags I have produced during this year for the fairs to the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop



Speaking of the Bonfirecherry Etsy Shop, don’t forget there is Bonfirecherry’s BIG PRINT CLEARANCE on with now 70% OFF old Bonfirecherry designs, don’t miss out getting some prints at a great price!

Before I finish this long Cherry Post, 2 things. 1) I have updated the front page of & have revealed something I'm doing in 2018, can you see what it is? 2) I will be in Portsmouth this weekend, check out #BCPortsmouth during the weekend to find the pics!


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