The Cherry Post No.95 | Abington Park Museums 2018 Christmas Fair

Hello all to the last view Cherry Posts that Bonfirecherry will be publishing for awhile.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the last blog post I published talking about some changes to Bonfirecherry in 2018 which can be found here.

With that said, this CP will mainly be about the first of two Christmas events Bonfirecherry is attending this year, which was Abington Park Museums Christmas Fair.

If you have been following Bonfirecherry for awhile, you may know I have attended fairs at Abington Park Museum a fair few times over the years and for good reason as I always do well and this event proved this for me. Unlike the previous times this was a 2 day event so that was different. This is not the first 2 day event I have done, the first goes to an event from last year but to be honest I rather forget about it (still have nightmares about it haha).

Something I did like about the event I was in the same room that I have been in nearly every event I have attended part from the last.


Bonfirecherry is now set up for @northamptonshoe #Abingtonparkmuseum Christmas Fair!

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This is going to be fun to talk about for day 1 of the event as I wasn’t there, while Bonfirecherry was there both days I was stuck at work (retail problems hey?) so had my step dad look after the stall after I set up one before I had to go to work. From what I found out at the end of the day the event was pretty busy and the Extra Large Handprinted Cherry Cherry Christmas drawstring bags along with the linocut prints were the popular items of the day that I sold out of the bags. The great thing about day 1 with my step dad looking after the stall, he managed to help Bonfirecherry produce the most money BC has ever produced in a single day which was amazing!


The Cherry Cherry Christmas design have been popular at today’s event that I’m producing more!

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So on Saturday night in the freezing cold Bonfirecherry print shed, I used all the spare drawstring bags I had in stock to produce more Cherry Cherry Christmas for day 2.

So on Day 2 I was finally able to attend the event instead of my step dad who was busy with other things. so I got there early to restock the items that sold out and give a bit of a change around which is the layout is see in the picture for this post (top).



While the day just generate a lot of turn out of people and some sales, it wasn’t anything compared to the sales I made the day before but I won’t really call it a miss for me. The only thing that was a miss was the Cherry Cherry Christmas drawstring bags, they will really poplar on Saturday but the exact opposite on Sunday. But with that, it’s just the way fairs work out sometimes a certain product is popular one day but not popular the next just have to try your best to push whatever you can.

Overall the event was an success despite how day 2 went, will I do Abington Park Museum again 2018?

Of course I will 😊

I think that’s all for this Cherry Post, next week’s CP will be about Etsy Makers Northants first Etsy Made Local at Kettering Art Centre.

Thanks for reading!


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