The Cherry Post No.94 | Getting Xmas Fair Ready

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

I think the title for this week’s CP gives away what this post will mainly be about. It’s been a quiet one but doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to.

To carry on from last Friday, I start off taking about an order I had for one of the mystery boxes and other items. The order was for the medium sized mystery boxes (full of gifts made using linocut which Bonfirecherry has produced over the years) but I had a slight problem that I didn’t think about when I came up with the boxes, what happens if a customer orders anything else along with the mystery boxes?


That’s solved that problem but still need to get some extra large parcel bags

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I could easily put the item in a separate parcel bag & tie with the box but I think most delivery companies might have an issue with it. I did think at the time about putting box items in a big parcel bag but at didn’t have any parcel bags big enough for the medium sized and even the large size too. Thankfully because it was the medium sized box I put it into the larger size which fit just fine, I temporary took the large size off at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop til I was able to get some super extra large parcel bags which fit them and anything else, maybe a bit of a overkill on the parcel bags but better to be prepared for anything.



Moving on, the rest of the week I have been focusing on making sure everything is ready for Bonfirecherry’s first Christmas fair of 2017 aka Abington Park Museum’s Christmas Fair, similar to how Lamport Hall was earlier this year it’s a 2 day event. Quick reminder that the event is this weekend 25th & 26th November while Bonfirecherry is there both days, I won’t be there on Saturday instead a family member will be looking after the stall as I am stuck at work but I will be there on Sunday.


Forgot to show off the finished Cherry Cherry Christmas extra large drawstring bags that I worked on yesterday ^^

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Now got everything ready for the weekend ^^

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Only thing I needed to do really was change the price of the prints for Bonfirecherry’s Big Print Clearance (will get to that shortly), produce a few Cherry Cherry Christmas Extra large drawstring bags and think of a good layout plan which I will show off tomorrow.



Starting today (aka Black Friday) over at the Bonfirecherry Etsy and the next 2 events that Bonfirecherry will be attending, it’s Bonfirecherry’s Big Print Clearance!

This is something I have had planned for awhile that I have ALL old Bonfirecherry products that I still have got at fairs and online and reducing them to some great prices to help clear them from my stocks and to help fund new designs in 2018 as I know there is a lot of people who are looking forward to see some new stuff. The clearance sale isn’t just on just Black Friday, it will be on til the end of the year (need to confirm an end date) so there be plenty of time to shift what I need.

The only prints not part of the clearance sale is The Good Loaf, Morning Cockerel, Jinbei & The Revolutionary Soldier as they are recent designs.

I think that’s all for this week’s Cherry post.

Thanks for reading!

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