The Cherry Post No.93 | Prints, Livestreams & Etsy

Hello all to the 93rd Cherry Post, I know I’ve been saying this the previous weeks but starting to get closer and closer to the 100th Cherry post!

This week has been a relaxed one but doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to talk about!



I start the week off by talking about The Plump Partridge in Northampton, put the All Saints Church inspired linocut print “All Saints” in this wonderful small business over a year ago and recently me and the owner agreed it was time for a change around. I decided to go with a Plump Partridge exclusive red version of the linocut print “Morning Cockerel”, what you think?

Quick side note/a bit of Bonfirecherry trivia for you, originally going to call the design “Oh C___” after the famous catchphrase James May used in Top Gear but decided to go with the safe family friendly name instead.



Later on Friday evening I done a Live Q&A over at the Bonfirecherry Twitter which went alright. I think with future livestreams I will announce them like a week in advance instead of a few days. Watch the Live Q&A above & comment below on your thoughts about it!


That’s about 90% of everything ready for next weekend 😀

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The rest of the week has mainly been sorting out a few things for the first of two Christmas events Bonfirecherry will be appearing at soon, the first being Abington Parks Museums Christmas Fair, by Thursday I’ve managed to about 90% of everything done ready for it.

The second event after the one mentioned above is Etsy Makers Northants firs Etsy made Local which I am excited for, as part of the group help organising the event I know there is a Etsy Makers Northants official Facebook page & Instagram account but no Twitter account. Not anymore I am now co-running the twitter account set up towards the end of the week with Mia from Mia Felce another Etsy Makers Northants member, I highly recommend checking out the twitter account here and giving it a follow as it will mean a lot.

On Wednesday I met up with Julia from JMHPhotoStories to chat about some plans for early 2018 such as working on a project together and to teach her about livestreams so to anyone who follows Bonfirecherry on any social media, this explains why there was random videos of me talking about livestreams haha

I made some changes to this week such as remove The Clearance Fair Stock and Shopping Cart along with updating a few things on the front page. Cut a long story short, the only place to buy Bonfirecherry products online now are the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop!

I think that's all for this week, if you got any ideas for a blog post comment below



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