The Cherry Post No.88| Bonfirecherry Is Now On Patreon!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

This post is going to be a shorter post compared to the previous posts but doesn’t mean it’s not going to be interesting 😊

The big news this week is that Bonfirecherry is now on Patreon. Patreon is a new way you can support creators and artists where you can donate from $1 (the site is American) to however much you want to give Bonfirecherry each month to help fund materials, adverts & upcoming products, if you donate over a certain amount you get rewards such as discount to use at the Bonfirecherry shops & free items.

Patreon is something I have known about for awhile as a lot of youtube creators watch talk about, with funds being low and I know people like to support Bonfirecherry and I thought this would be a unique new way to do so. By donating you will become a Bonfirecherry Patron and you will find out upcoming projects before everyone else.

You can find the Bonfirecherry Patreon here



Got around to doing some print work last night, I came across the lino for a exclusive tote bag design I produced for a vintage festival (which really didn’t go well for me and saying the events name will bring back nightmares) last year, haven’t touched it since then so decided to print the design onto some paper. What do you think of “Ice-Cream (Black)?”

Something I have been about the past week, I have too much stock available at the moment ( mounted/unmounted prints, badges, tea-towels, knot-wrap, notebooks) I have been debating if I should cut that down to a select few or should I wait til after Christmas to reduce the stock?

The time this Cherry Post will be published I be 12 days away from my driving test so a lot of funds  (not from Bonfirecherry) and time is going to that as I want to pass first time as that will open a lot of doors to many things such as doing more events in very late 2017 & early 2018

I think that’s all for this week.



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