The Cherry Post No.87| Interesting 7 days

I start this Cherry Post by not talking about print work.

Going on from the last CP, on Saturday I went on a night out with my guy friends for a meal at The Smoke Pit in Northampton. This is a restaurant I have been told numerous things about for ages & have tried a few times to get people to come with me to check this small business out. Originally planned a night out with the lads the Saturday before at another restaurant but wasn’t feeling well so had to cancel it, after some recommendations I decided to get a table booked at The Smoke Pit.

I love the outside & inside of this place, I’m a sucker for anything different & quirky.


Main 😋

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For a lads night, i have choose the manliest drink!

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I won’t turn this into a review as I am not a food critic. the meal there was really nice, for a lads night I somehow ended up having girly cocktails which was really nice haha. I highly recommend checking this place out if you live in/around Northampton & want to try somewhere new!

Last week I received another stationery box from The Green Gables, which I decided to open via another facebook livestream which you can watch above. I think that’s enough monthly boxes for now, I hope to continue these again in November/December as there is a few more I want to look into but depends on funds etc

Going on from funds and monthly boxes, I have been thinking about ways people can support Bonfirecherry without buying a product and maybe I should sort out a Patreon so customers & fans of Bonfirecherry can fund craft/stationery monthly boxes & other things. Please comment on your thoughts about this, suggestions/opinions 😊



Yesterday I had a lovely hot chocolate & sausage role at the wonderful Magee St Bakery (as shown in the main image for this post) where I decided to swap over the framed print I had there (Robin’s War) with the Lisbon, Portugal inspired design “Morning Arch” which I thought would be a great swap.


I plan on swapping around the print Ive got at @mageestbakery with 1 of these designs this morning. Which print should i go for?

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Before I visited the bakery I did have a debate on the social networks to choose “Morning Arch”, “Sew Sew (Black & Gold)” or the fish print I have been showing off the past few weeks “Jinbei”. Sew Sew (Black & Gold) won second place so I will choose the design to replace Morning Arch when it sells out.



To end this week’s CP I thought I share the news I posted on Instagram yesterday that I have added the front page of

I think that’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


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