The Cherry Post No.86 | Unicorns & Fish

Hello all, back to a creative Cherry Post this week!


The Unicorn Hot Chocolate haha Love it @theplumppartridge #supportsmall #smallbiz #northampton #getplump

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I start this post off sitting in the Plump Partridge in town on Sunday, just finishing off a cool and yummy unicorn hot chocolate while waiting for my crafty friend Jenni from The Craft Fantastic. A crafter I met during last year at an event where both of us were doing a stall, while the event was a loss sale wise for me it was great becoming friends with this pretty and very talented crafter.


It was fun meeting up with the talented @the_craft_fantastic I highly recommend checking out her stuff!

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The reason I wanted to meet up with Jenny was because soon I want to do a facebook livestream featuring the both of us so we can talk about each others business and products etc you get the idea. Something I want to do in October sometime but will have to wait and see. Find out more The Craft Fantastic here.


Another craft box from The Green Gables to open in a unboxing video soon!

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Speaking of livestreams, I will be doing another unboxing video next week of another craft box from The Green Gables. October will be just one box, I will try to do two or three in November. Comment below with any suggestions on any monthly boxes I should open in November.


Time to watch a film

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After meeting up with Jenny, I met up with a friend of mine where we headed over to Errol Flynn Filmhouse. Errol Flynn is an independent cinema owned by Royal & Derngate Northampton (one of Uk’s most acclaimed regional theatres..yes I am copying a bit of this from their website so I don’t miss anything), last year at the Muddy Stilettos Awards I met up with the owner of the Errol Flynn and Derngate he was nice guy and he did give me some advice and some phone numbers that I did use so that was great.

Anyway the reason I was there on Sunday with my friend was to see a film called Victoria & Abdul, I confess I wasn’t sure what to be think about the film and it actually turned out to be a good film I say 6.5/10.

During the rest of week I have been busy with numerous things such as double driving lessons as my driving test is at the end of month. I did an interview for something that might change some things about Bonfirecherry but I reveal more about that last week.


FRESHLY PRINTED "Jinbei" #Fish #linocut #print #printmaker #northampton

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Last night I finally got around to producing a fish inspired print which I’ve decided to call “Jinbei” as I have been promising for awhile. We have a big fish tank in our living room so decided to base the print on one of the residents of the dark. I have mentioned a few times I am a huge fan of the popular Japanese anime/manga series “One Piece” and with that there has been a few Bonfirecherry designs over the years inspired by the series eg The Revolutionary Soldier & Lily The Owl Princess and some named after characters too. The print is named after a popular fishman character of the same name.

What do you think of the design?

I think that’s all for this week

Thanks for reading


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