The Cherry Post No.85 | #BCTrainTrip

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

I start this post talking about #BCTrainTrip aka the day out on a old fashion train to Ravenglass which is in the Lake District


At Northampton train station, our train will be here around 6.07am #BCTrainTrip

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I started the trip last Saturday waking up at 4am (an “Ungodly hour” as a family member put it) to get ready to catch our train at 6am from Northampton Train Station, from there is was a 5 hour journey to Ravenglass (which because of Harry Potter, for most of the day I kept calling it Ravenclaw).


Breakfast 😋 it was a choice of a full breakfast, kippers or salmon and decided to go with the salmon #BCTrainTrip

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The journey up there wasn’t bad when you have breakfast going up and 3 course dinner coming back in the train’s Pullman Class which is the highest class they have with silver service (Standard > First > Premier > Pullmans).


Wow! #BCTrainTrip

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Very nice food to eat while traveling past some wonderful views especially after passing through Lancaster, with the weather being nice it was really great going by near the coasts of Morecambe to our destination of Ravenglass


What I've just been on! #BCTrainTrip

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We got to Ravenglass just midday and had about 4 hours there, one (and probably only thing to do there part from visit the pub but will get into that later due to it being the only coastal village in the Lake District National Park) thing we did do while we there was go on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway which was small second train trip traveling 7 miles to the beautiful Dalegarth for Boot Station.

As you could see in the video above, this train is slightly smaller than the other one that I was on but it’s cute isn’t it?


Overall today has been a good day, just waiting for desert. Will msg when i am home #BCTrainTrip

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On the way up to Dalegarth, I had some cracking views which I think you could only get by going through the Lake District.


What a cracking view! #BCTrainTrip

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Seven miles later we arrived at Dalegarth which had such a pay off for traveling all of that way, maybe I should do a print based on some of these views, what do you think? Comment below

Shortly after we headed back to Ravenglass which because of it being the only village in the Lake District National Park didn’t have much to do part from the pub, gift shop, museum & station itself which has to be my only nitpick of the day but the second train trip to Dalegarth passed a fair bit of time so didn’t have long to way so can’t complain that much.


Fish platter starter #BCTrainTrip

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Broccoli and brie soup 😋 #BCTrainTrip

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Main 😋 #BCTrainTrip

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And to end dinner 😋 #BCTrainTrip

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When we got back on the train around 5pm, they started serving dinner which you can see from the pics above was very nice and like with breakfast in the morning we went past some amazing views that you could only see while going near the coast. Only if I had the money etc I would to a coastal town as I think it would be amazing to live there for most of the year (part from winter), maybe something to plan towards in the future?

After dinner, the effects of being up since 4am starting to take to come around. Northampton was the second to last stop so for most of the late afternoon/evening it was more going over how the day went, played some old school games like squares & hangman til late evening.


MK is the final stop after Northampton next so the carriages are getting more empty #BCTrainTrip

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As our stop was second to last the carriages was getting more emptier as the evening went on so just before the train arrived back in Northampton 15 hours later, I made to sure to take a video of what the carriages was like by that point as the catering staff were packing away. Woke up at 4am, left the house around 5.15 + got back around 11.30pm.

Overall, the day to Ravenglass was fun as I’ve been on a few train trips in the past (last one being Carlisle which wasn’t that far away where I was) it’s normally the last few hours in the day that is boring but due to the distance (268 miles!) it’s going to be like that.

I uploaded nearly all the pics & videos I took during the day onto Instagram with the hashtag #BCTrainTrip which can be found here

Part from that, on Bonfirecherry news I’ve announced BC’s first Christmas event appearance which you can see on the front page of this site or top of the Bonfirecherry facebook page.

Behind the scenes I have been adding #BurnTheCherry to my Facebook|Twitter|instagram posts again as it's been awhile since I've done it so posts can be found easier

I think that's all for this week

Thanks for reading!


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