The Cherry Post No.84 | Unboxing & Future Projects

The Cherry Post No.84 | Unboxing & Future Projects

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

I ended last week’s talking about the unboxing livestream that I have been talking about for weeks, well last Friday I finally done it!

See the Facebook video below to see how the first Bonfirecherry unboxing video went where I opened boxes from The Green Gables & Taste Japan. The delay for the livestream was due to the Taste Japan due to it coming from Japan and I am just impatient sometimes haha and as you see in the video it was worth it. The Green Gables craft box was an interesting box to go through and due to the time waiting for the Japanese box I will be getting another craft box and happy with that, I let the video show the contents.

As I shown in the image for this post, I had such a professional set up for the livestream haha

Note: With the livestream below, I forgot to change from wifi to 3G on tablet/laptop that it looks like I am breaking up at first but alright after that

The next livestream will be another craft box from this wonderful small business due to funds at the moment are going on driving lessons because I’ve got my driving test at the end of next month. If you have any suggestions for other monthly subscription boxes for me to open a video, comment below.



Earlier in the day before I done the livestream, I met up with an old college friend (second time this year I’ve met up with someone I haven’t seen since college) at The Plump Partridge who ordered a Bonfirecherry product from me so I thought I take the chance to record a video of my friend unwrapped in the gift. 

The rest of the week has been a relaxed few days planning some future projects such as working on new ideas for the Lily The Owl Princess manga project and interviews. The past interviews I’ve done have been with fellow printmakers, for a while I’ve been wanting to chat with other craft related small businesses and I’ve got one in the pipeline which I might be doing over the next livestream so it won’t be just me haha

Lily The Owl Princess manga project is something I keep pushing aside for other projects but this will be my main focus next week.



Before I finish, I was planning on adding the popular Christmas Bonfirecherry product Cherry Cherry Christmas Tote Bag to the Etsy shop this week as a surprise instead end of the week as I thought I had 3 in stock but because of reasons I’ve now only got 1 and because of my driving test I am not sure how when I can mass produce more.

There is no Saturday dispatch this week, I be out on a very long day out on a steam train to somewhere so be away from my stock. This has been mentioned on the main Bonfirecherry Etsy shop page & the order information page on this site.

I think that’s all for this week, thanks for reading

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