The Cherry Post No.83 | Etsy Orange

The Cherry Post No.83 | Etsy Orange

Hello you wonderful people to another creative Cherry Post!

This week has mainly been about working on a idea in the print shed, Halloween/Christmas stock & upcoming plan etc

Going on from last week, from a big project that never went any further I produced a lot of ideas that took me awhile to produce and there was 2 ideas that I didn’t want to waste. One of was the bread design I produced last week, the other is the chicken (or is it a hen or rooster?) print that you can see above.

As may have noticed that the bread print from last week & this one have been printed in orange, as mentioned before I just love the colour so couldn’t resist using it again (that I’m starting to run low in other colours) it’s like the orange used in the Etsy logo etc.

I’m currently debating what I am going to do with them, as I’ve still got a lot of new and old stock available online that I might wait and mount them around the time I attend the next event Bonfirecherry will be attending.

As I’ve just mentioned events I thought I go more into that, this week I got accepted to attend #EtsyMakersNorthants ‘s first #Etsymadelocal event in December. This is something I will go more into closer to the time but #Etsymadelocal events are on the same day as Small Business Saturday and is advertised from Etsy itself.

I only plan on appearing at 2 events around Christmas (3 at most) with #Etsymadelocal being one of them and the second will be a venue that is a Bonfirecherry favourite which will be a two day event instead of one but I won’t reveal that one til it’s confirmed etc


At 50p each i just couldn't resist buying these

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A quirky item I found this week was these some wooden boxes that I got from a florist stall on the market square in my town at 50p each, how cool are these?!

I will be using for badges at the next event Bonfirecherry shall be attending.

I know I have been talking about doing a live stream where I will be opening 2 monthly descriptions boxes one being craft other being Japanese snacks. I’ve got the craft box and now just waiting for the Japanese snack one which is coming from Japan but is taking awhile (as it would) so debating if I just wait or just do a live stream for the craft and do the snack one another time, what should I do? Comment below

Before I finish this post, I should have Bonfirecherry’s Halloween & Christmas badges available by end of the day this post is published (Friday 8th September) with the Christmas tote/drawstring bag early next month.

I think that’s everything for this week, thank you for reading

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