The Cherry Post No.82 | A Rant, Bread & Manga

The Cherry Post No.82 | A Rant, Bread & Manga

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Back to being creative week, most of the 7 days I have been working on a project I have been talking about time to time during the year.

The project I am talking about is a page or a few pages of a manga inspired called The Tales of Lily The Owl Princess. As a huge fan of anime & manga, I have had this item for quite some time and since I’ve had the time free this week I thought it be the idea time.


I need to get lily the owl princess right, after that i need to think of a story

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Decided this week just to produce the cover, if you have been following Bonfirecherry for awhile now you may remember that I have a print called Lily The Owl Princess inspired by anime & manga that I’ve decided to use for the main character for this small tale. Just taking me awhile to get Lily right and then try to get her right when I have her face different directions and show different emotions etc.

Part from the cover I do have some rough sketches that I will be working on the next few days that might become prints next week


The good leaf Freshly printed #linocut #handprinted #printmaker #art #print

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Speaking of the prints, the only time I had in the print shed was yesterday when I decided to work on a design I’ve had around for the past 2 months for a project that doesn’t seem to be happening so decided not to let the design go to waste and instead of producing the Lily The Owl Princess manga cover I decided to produce this cool lovely bread inspired print in the orange ink I mentioned about last week

What do you think?

Last year I got invited to attend this huge event (big nationwide one, won’t name it but if you seen a few of the Bonfirecherry twitter and Instagram posts you will see which one) which I felt honoured to get an invite for but wasn’t able to attend due to a very high cost to host a stall for 3 days with no option to do 1 (which I think was due to advertising). The member of staff who emailed me about the event was understanding and I was offered some free tickets to attend which she said I would receive closer to the time. Weeks before the event (I got the invite months before) I emailed confirming about the tickets as the location of the event wasn’t exactly close and local and would have cost a bit in travel, but again got told I get the tickets soon. I waited til the week before to email about and by that time the lady who was one of the organisers wasn’t going to be able to check her emails for the next few days so never got the tickets.

As you can guess, this left me a bit annoyed at why offer tickets and never get given them. Only mentioning it now as this week I got an automated message (guessing to everyone who applied this and last year) that is stalls left and if you are not able to come, there is a way to apply for complimentary tickets via the website. I laughed, moaned and then deleted the email there is no way I am falling for that again (even though this is through the website which last year it was through one person) as the event didn’t exactly give me the best impression last year.

Anyway that’s the mini rant/moan over



Back to the good stuff, I received one of the monthly boxes I ordered a few weeks ago. I will be opening this craft box along with this Japanese snack box when it arrives via Facebook Live. I am super excited for that.

I think that’s all for this week, if you got any comments for a blog post please do comment below


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