The Cherry Post No.80+ 81 | Well This is Awkward, Again.

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The Cherry Post No.80+ 81 | Well This is Awkward, Again.

Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post

Well this is going to be pretty awkward post as everything I had planned to do and was going to talk about, hasn’t gone to plan. Originally planned to do a big project but that didn’t happen and then was going to talk about a meet-up that I wanted to go to yesterday but sadly didn’t happen in the end so that’s kind of ruined this week’s double CP but that’s not going to stop me from producing from writing this post.

Before I continue, if you have been curious why Bonfirecherry products (online) are only available at this site, the Bonfirecherry Etsy and nowhere else then check out this post.



When I usually gift wrap some orders, I wrap the product up with some tissue paper and then tie a handprinted label around it with a personalised note before I put the item in the cardboard envelope or parcel bag. Recently I ran out of labels so produced more of them last week, while I was in the print shed I found this lovely orange ink that I totally forgot about so produced more labels in this wonderful colour and black. Click the Instagram link to see the labels.


Bit of light reading

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During the past 2 weeks I have been reading this good book about social media marketing, the advice I have learnt from it I will use from next month so watch out for that.

Speaking of next month, I am looking forward to doing the box openings via Facebook Live. The one next month will be opening a craft and Japanese snacks monthly boxes, I am looking forward to opening them I reveal more of the date and time of the box openings closer to the time 😊


Yummy 😋

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As mentioned a fair few times on social media, I love to support fellow small businesses (especially if they are local). So on Thursday I visited the Magic Bean Emporium, a wonderful and magical place in Northampton that has such a lovely décor that if you love Harry Potter for example you love his café. They have a great selection of sundaes & milkshakes and I visited before work I decided on a milkshake.

While you are there you have to check out the Harry Potter inspired eco friendly & re-usable wrapping fabric that is only available at this wonderful business.

Don’t forget that Bonfirecherry can produce custom products such as wrapping fabric with a unique custom hand printed design. Click here to find out more.

I think that’s all for next week, I hope to be talking about a lot next week *fingers crossed*

Thanks for reading


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