The Cherry Post No.79 | #BurnTheCherry

Hello all to this week's Cherry Post

It's been a productive week for Bonfirecherry as you will find out below!


Just to be tidying the print shed + hovering the floor as it was covered in lino carvings

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I started the week off giving the print shed a tidy up as it got a bit messy recently, I suppose that is going to happen giving by I do all my print work in the shed now but was getting too much that I just had to get the hover out to suck all the tons of lino I had on the floor and re-arrange everything.

Most of the week I have been planning something new and that is #BurnTheCherry, a new hashtag that I will be using on twitter/facebook/instagram to help people find posts about the business, products and events very easily.


Just look at that sky, wow! Also how quiet it is compared to how I visited the place later afternoon on Monday #BConholiday

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Some people might remember I done something similar with #BConHoliday when I went away February/November last year and April this year so people could find the pics easy, that's why I decided to do #BurnTheCherry.

The only thing this time around is I need to promote it a lot more, maybe with a tote or something. Will have to see, if you got any suggestions please comment below + please help spread the word of #BurnTheCherry on twitter/facebook/instagram it will mean a lot :)


Expect some box openings over Facebook Live from next month. Just ordered 1 craft + 1 Japanese snack one 😊

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Something I've got inspired to do from next month is box openings like what youtubers do, my most popular videos are ones that have involved something interesting for people to watch and thought this would be a quirky way for people to watch me open the monthly boxes and for me to talk about print work too. I have ordered a craft monthly box and a food one so it will be something interesting to do. I will start doing videos like this Facebook live one I've got planned with #BurnTheCherry so it will be easy to find. If you got any ideas for a facebook live video please comment below


Been decorating the print shed. What do you think? #burnthecherry #printmaker

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Towards the end of the week, I thought I do some small decorating and added some bunting to the Bonfirecherry print shed among other things as you can see on the back wall. Any suggestions on what else I could do to decorate the print shed?

I think that's all for this week, if you ever got any ideas for blog posts comment below :)

Thanks for reading


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