The Cherry Post No.78 | The Return

Hello all to this week’s Cherry post!

This week didn’t turn out as I originally planned it but doesn’t mean that was a bad thing.

I did planned to bring back the shop at last night (Thursday) but in the end I decided to bring it back on Sunday. Even though I did have the shop open all during 2016 (before I closed it at the start of 2017), I had to do everything from scratch from re-doing the website layout which did take me a few hours (around about five I believe), I did update a few things such as the slideshow on the front page etc.

I have got a big selection of products at the Clearance Fair Stock collection, which you can find here


As a auto currency converter wasn't working with the website (due to the theme) so had to go with a drop down one.

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The thing that took me a few days to bring back & fix (due to the website theme) was the site’s currency converter which is important as most of my orders are international.

Bonfirecherry has been around for four years now, all this time I have been running tops and trousers during printing. This will now change as I’ve now got myself an apron (see cover image and above), what do you think?!

Not sure why it took me so get one, I know it seems like a weird choice purchasing a white apron giving how messy I can get but I want the apron to get messy so I can show that off without running my clothes.



I have been off (retail) work this week so I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands, so I made sure to use that time to my advantage by finally finishing to photograph the last 2 items I had at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop that didn’t have a white background which were, Sew Sew (Magenta) Gusset Tote Bag + Falling Leaves (Black & Gold) Handprinted Tea Towel. Well the biggest problem I had was with the handprinted tea towel due to it’s site, the boards I used for the other products wasn’t the right size.

In the alleyway behind my house, there was a white desk in pieces that has been there for a fair few months. I acquired a piece of the desk which turned out to be the right size to use to photograph the tea towels, what do you think?

Going on from products, as I have got a lot in 2 different places (here at & the Bonfirecherry Etsy) I’ve decided I wont be doing any print work this month that involves new designs etc, I only be going in the shed when I have got custom projects.

The next lot of products I will be releasing will be both Halloween & Christmas inspired designs at the start of September.

With the re-opening of this site’s shop and the start of the month, I thought I try this week to test out twitter’s advertising (last month it was facebook) on one of my products. While I didn’t get any sales out of it, it did generate the best daily views this site has ever received in a single day which is great, I will look into what I learnt from that and will try advertising again at a later date.

Over at the Bonfirecherry Facebook page, I haven’t done any livestreams for a while. I have noticed that the popular videos I’ve produced are ones for something big and important such as the #BonfireGiveaway I did recently. So I’ve been thinking during the week and getting some inspiration from youtubers is to order some monthly craft & food boxes to open over Facebook livestream while talking about my print work to see how they turn out, what do you think? Any suggestions?

As said at the start of the week I did have some other stuff planned but it didn’t turn out that way but that hasn’t been a bad thing as all the stuff I have been talking about above has proven, I think next week’s CP should be another creative one.

Thanks for reading :)


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