The Cherry Post No.77 | Planning The Return

The Cherry Post No.77 | Planning The Return

Hello you wonderful people to this week’s Cherry Post.

I started the week with how last week ended by drawing more sketches, for what you may wonder?

Read on & I will reveal why towards the end of this week’s post.


When you completely forget to buy your mum a birthday card, so you make one haha Upside of being a printmaker

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There is some positives to being a printmaker, one of them this week is when forgetting to buy a family member a birthday card so rushed into the print shed & produced one using the typewriter design I produced a few years ago. I think I need to do a blog post soon about the upside of being a printmaker, what do you think??

On Sunday I wrote a personal blog post about depression, I let the post itself (found here) do the talking on why I produced it. It isn’t a Bonfirecherry related post as such and I know it isn’t for everyone. It has been a popular post so far this week, which is great as if it helps someone in some way.


Just been printing, went over the top with the blue ink haha

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Back to what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week, I went back into the print shed to re-produce some designs that I haven’t made as prints for quite some time.

I’ve been mentioning that my next event that Bonfirecherry shall be appearing at isn’t til November & with that I’ve had a few suggestions for friends/family/customers to have current Bonfirecherry products also here at alongside the Bonfirecherry Etsy. I’ve said no to this before as I don’t want to split my current stock, so I’ve had the idea to re-open the shop to sell items that I’ve only had at fairs recently & old products such as notebooks and mounted prints (normally fair only but occasionally sell them to customers when I have sold out of any un-mounted prints as I still have the shop at this site I’ve just hid it.

I am off work next week so planning to photograph all the items I want to add to the site’s shop. I won’t add everything at first, only a few and if it’s popular I will add more over time.

The prints I mentioned earlier will be added to the items I will have on offer at the Bonfirecherry fair stalls in November so I can keep the designs people see are different and not the same designs you always see every time I take a picture of the layout.



To answer the question of why the sketches Ive been working on the past few weeks, I can say this for a big custom project that I will be working on during my time off, more details about that closer to the time.

I think that’s all for this week, I wonder what I will be talking  about next week!

Thanks for reading


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