The Cherry Post No.76 | Drawing & Commissions

Hello all to this week’s Cherry post

Compared to the previous week’s this post is going to be a lot shorter but doesn’t mean I haven’t been upto anything creative and interesting!

This week has mainly about drawing ideas for clients and future projects, so because of that I can’t really show a lot but just tease a few designs. It’s been quite some time since I had a week of just drawing, it’s therapeutic.


#Stark or #taragaryen?

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Part from the drawings, during the past few days I have been working on 2 custom projects. Game of Thrones fans will love this,  at the start of the week I produced a Stark inspired linocut print and last night I produced a print of the Taragaryen crest. I suppose this was good timing with the ever so popular tv show returning to this week, which print do you like?


Custom cotton toiletry bag

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Another custom project that I finished off last night was a toiletry bag with the popular Yonko’s Messenger design, what do you think?

Because the next event Bonfirecherry will be attending isn’t til a few months time I thought I make some changes to the home page of the site & remove the “Upcoming Fairs/Events” section for the time being and change some other stuff. If you missed the news, I will re-opening the shop next month for fair only items and mounted prints at some good prices, more details about that closer to the time

Something I have been playing with this week and few times during the month is promoting posts over at the Bonfirecherry facebook page. It’s been awhile since the last time I done it and wanted to see how they turn out,  I have learnt a few things so will try again next month with some ideas I have thought of. Have you got any experience with facebook advertising? Comment below

I think that’s it for this week’s CP, should be back to normal next week. 😊



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