The Cherry Post No.75 | New stuff, Fairs & Cafes

Hello all to this week's Cherry Post.

As I mention a few times, I like to support fellow small business especially local ones. So when I was planning on meeting up with a creative friend of mine, I decided on The Plump Partridge because it was in the right spot and I love supporting local small businesses.

As I show off every now and then on social media, I have got a framed Bonfirecherry linocut print called “All Saints (Aubergine)” at the Plump Partridge. Every time I go in there, there is always someone sitting at the table next to the print, so I felt very lucky that the table this time around for my meeting up was free so I made sure to sit there and take a selfie with it before ordering lunch (which was very nice by the way, see the top image).



While I can't go into the full details on what I talked about with my friend, I can say there will be big changes in the new year.

Just changed the layout again, I've been debating on a good layout for about an hour haha Sticking with this

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Last Saturday I attended the Duston Fun Day, the last time I attended was back in 2015 which went ok for BC so thought I try again as things have changed/improved since then.

Sadly the fair was a miss for Bonfirecherry. While I felt like the event was a success for some and there was a lot of people. There just wasn't anyone interested in my work to buy anything or give a business card too, ok I had a few good comments but there was about it. For a crafter or any stall finder at any event, there is a risk that you might not do well at one event but great at another & this was just one of those events that I didn't do well so I will moan for awhile and focus on my next event. It wasn't the worst BC has ever done, a certain vintage event last year takes that crown, those who know me well will know which one I am talking about.

I thought I say before I move on, I have got nothing against the event I did, congrats to them as it attracted a lot people but just wasn't for me.

I'm currently looking at Christmas events, after doing a few in different over the years, I am going on from how they went to decide which ones I should do this year. I will be planning a big Christmas sale, question for you amazing lot reading this is what date should I do it and when should I put the Christmas stock to the Etsy shop?

Before I move on from fairs, as my next event is in November I have been thinking about re-opening the shop here at just for fair only items (mainly old designs) and current items at the Bonfirecherry etsy. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback when I talked about this on my social sites so will talk about this at the end of the month.



After two years, I have finally added some new drawstring bags to the Bonfirecherry Etsy along with some new make-up/pencil bags that I produced last week for the Duston event. You can find them all here, what is your favourite?

The rest of the week has been mainly been working on some personal projects and producing some ideas for people.
Something I talked about with my friend at the Plump Partridge is about improving the marketing of Bonfirecherry. Ideas for improving the marketing of Bonfirecherry has been one of the main focuses this week. Over the past 4 years I have connected with so many people through fairs, meet-ups, work & through social media that I want to see what those connections can do to help me.

On Wednesday I visited the NN café, which people who follow the events the Bonfirecherry attends will remember that I done a fair at the place last year which turned out to be one of BC’s most successful events of 2016 (find the blog post the event here)



Since then I believe it’s changed hands & at occasions the NN café is called The Artist Table, info about that are found here. The atmosphere of the café is really nice along with some nice food & drink which I highly recommend it to anyone who lives in/around Northampton it's like a hidden gem.

Speaking of Northampton, if you want a FREE 15% off coupon code to use at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop, check out this updated blog post about Bonfirecherry over Muddy Stilletos Northants here (great local Northampton based online magazine where you can find great things to & buy, more info at her site). There is some connection between Bonfirecherry & Muddy Stilletos, see the front page of this site to reveal what the connection is , click the Muddy Stilletos tag below to find other blog posts I’ve written in the page where muddy has been mentioned (likewise for the Plump Partridge

I think that’s all for this week, thank you all for reading. If you got any questions about what I talked about please comment below


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