The Cherry Post No.74 | It Only Took 2 Years!

The Cherry Post No.74 | It Only Took 2 Years!

Hello all!

I ended last week’s Cherry post talking about the most recent #BonfireGiveaway so thought I start this week’s CP talking about what happened!

Last year’s #Bonfiregiveaway was a twitter only giveaway which this time around it was Facebook exclusive giveaway, so there was a few things I couldn’t do before which was livestream. Last week when I reached 900 likes on FB I revealed a question that the Bonfirecherry facebook fans had to answer to enter the giveaway where they were received a number, I closed the giveaway last Saturday and then on Sunday I done a livestream over at the Bonfirecherry facebook page (found here) where I decided the winner of the giveaway by using a random number generator.

I’m planning on doing another #BonfireGiveaway via all the social networks Bonfirecherry is on (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) Sunday 5th November which is Guy Fawkes Night aka Bonfire night, which seems like the best time to do another giveaway don’t you think? Comment below :)


Here for the Northampton business support

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Moving on from the giveaway, on Tuesday I attended a Northampton Business Support group at The University Of Northampton (Innovation Centre, as shown above) where there was me and 18 other people. The other people attending were mostly people who owned small businesses which at the start of the group had to introduce myself to everyone, I am usually ok chatting to people but was nervous just introducing Bonfirecherry haha but thankfully was only for a few seconds. The event was mainly about giving advice to help start-ups or small businesses to go further, I learnt a few things but not sure to talk about it in this CP maybe another time.


Just met up with a old college friend Michael from @millennialcreativeuk giving each other advice (well mainly him with me lol)

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Gaining advice to improve Bonfirecherry didn’t end on Tuesday at the business support, not long after I met up with an old college friend Michael Wright from Millennial Creative who I briefly saw at an event earlier this year but haven’t had a good chat since college when Bonfirecherry was a fictional business. We gave each other some business advice, ok it was mainly him helping me haha but gave some contacts he wanted in return.



Bonfirecherry was back in the print shed this week working on a few final items that I want to debut at the next event Bonfirecherry will be attending before adding to the BC etsy, one of the items was something I’ve been promising for quite some time and that was the print Ball of Wool drawstring bags that I haven’t produced any since late 2015!



Reason why for the huge delay is the version I done before was print the ball of wool design first and the over it which took so long that I just didn’t have the time, so this time I thought I just print it in one colour which still looks ok 😊



While I was it, I thought I try a design I haven’t used in quite some time I produced this design back in late 2015/early 2016 on a tote bag in green so I thought I try this again in black and I like to think it’s turned out alright.


Makeup/pencil cases What design do you like the most? #printmaking #printmaker #smalbusiness #handmadegifts #northampton

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While I was in the mood to print, I decided to print on something new which was some pencil/makeup bags that I purchased recently to see how popular they will be at the fair on Saturday.

Out of the print shed, during the week I have been slowly updating all the pictures at the Bonfirecherry so they all have a white background so they look more professional, what do you think?

I think that’s all for this week, next week’s CP is likely going to be about the Duston Fun Day that I am appearing at tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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