The Cherry Post No.72 + 73 | Meet-Ups & Giveaways

The Cherry Post No.72 + 73 | Meet-Ups & Giveaways

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post, it’s been awhile but this week’s CP is a double!

I honestly didn’t get up to a lot of print work last week and already done a blog post about upcoming plans so that’s why I decided to publish the details of the #BonfireGiveaway instead.

The only bit of print work I got upto last week was a custom project but sadly I am not able to show that so I will move onto the next print project I worked on during the weekend , which was bringing back the Bonfirecherry favourite tote bag design “Sew Sew” in a new colour on the stronger gusset tote bags. What do you think? (see top picture) The tote bag design at the Etsy shop here.



By Sunday evening, Bonfirecherry finally managed to reach 900 likes on Facebook so on Monday I was able to start the #BonfireGiveaway which is now currently on til Saturday (1st july) @ 8pm BST. If you want to win a FREE mounted linocut print, just head over to the page here, like it if you haven’t already + answer the question that I reveal in the pinned post for chance to win the print. I will reveal the winner on Sunday (2nd July) @ 8pm BST on the facebook page via live stream. Worry not Twitter & Instagram users, on bonfire night this year I plan on doing another giveaway on all 3 social networks.


As many of you may know, I have been on Etsy since 2013 (temporary leaving during 2016 to have my own shop here at before coming back this year)  it was only at the start of the year I joined the #EtsymakersNorthants group aka Northampton based Etsy shop owners so it was fun on Tuesday to meet up with other members. I did help suggest the place of the meet up with recommending The Bread And Butter Factory, which some Bonfirecherry followers/fans/customers will know that I have got some framed art work in there and also like to support fellow local small businesses.



Back to the meet up, after introducing ourselves we were mainly talking about Northamptons first Etsy Made Local event on Small Business Saturday which is on 2nd December which is a big Etsy support event for local crafters. You can find all the details about Etsy Made Local here to see if there is going to be one near you as I like to say, it’s good to support local small businesses. The first Northants Etsy Made Local is going to be at the Alfred East Gallery in Kettering (part from Nothamtonshire) so we were going into ideas what we can do at the event and give suggestions to the Etsy shop owners who have never done a stall at a fair before. There is a group project at the moment to make Etsy orange & neon blue pompoms to show off at the event, but as I can’t make them  I decided to be different by working on some pompom badges which you shall be seeing me work on my week off next week. Overall the meet up was really good and want to attend future meet ups as the group is really nice.

Something I have learnt from the group which I will be working on next week is re-doing all the Bonfirecherry product photos with a white background so they all look the same & a bit more professional.


12 days to go 😊

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I think that’s it for this week, back to a normal Cherry Post next week where I hope to be talking about preparing for the Duston Fun Day that Bonfirecherry shall be attending next Saturday + some other stuff.

Thanks for reading


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