The Cherry Post No.71 | More Creative Than Last Week

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

I start this post off about talking about Magee St Bakery, a small business last year who I discovered and worked with last year (search the bakery in the blogs for all the info about that) where I am currently starting this CP from.

It’s been awhile since I visited the wonderful bakery and with the plan of meeting up with a good friend/client I thought this small business would be an ideal place and thought while I was at it,  I bring along a new framed print “Robin’s War”. Robin’s War is a design I produced back in 2014 which thought I bring back as it’s different and quirky. This turned out to be good timing as someone bought a framed print I had there so this RAF inspired design went straight where the handbag print was.



I was meeting up at the bakery to meet up with a good friend/client for a project but sadly can’t go into what it is about til it’s finished but if you have seen the knot-wrap photos which she helped with you can see how talented she is so it’s great to work with her again.

Edit: Since I wrote that, both of us have revealed what the project was about as shown above




That's some gusset totes printing finished 🙂 Got some normal totes to print when i should receive them tomorrow or Wednesday

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This week has been more productive than last week as I’ve been printing tote bags for most of it for a client I worked with last year. It’s been fun working on a big project in the shed getting all creative.


Gave the print shed a change around 😊 I was sharing this with my brother but Im now taking over

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Speaking of the print shed, I did give the shed a change around this week as I've been able to spread my stuff around (I part own the shed with a family member but said family member doesn't use it that much and I spent more on the shed due to the lighting etc and use it a lot more so he is going to have it stuff elsewhere so I can take over). I will show the new look off more into the #BonfireGiveaway livestream whenever they will be.

When I wasn’t busy with the custom work or retail work, I have been starting to work on the manga project I mentioned last week which I've decided to call "Lily Tales".  I have thought of a plot a few days ago for the short story and roughly know how I’m going to tell it but going to be working a manga panel or two each month, all I can say about the story there is will be child friendly.

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