The Cherry Post No.70 | Talking About The C Word In June!

The Cherry Post No.70 | Talking About The C Word In June!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

This is awkward for the 70th Cherry Post, as I haven’t done any print work during the past seven days.

Worry not, I will save this CP by talking about future plans up to Christmas (yes I’m mentioning the C word in June!) as it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about plans.

Over at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop I am running low on the medium handprinted knot-wraps that are perfect for wrapping up small gifts. When they sell out, I will start to produce large handprinted knot-wraps which will be scarf size so they can wrap larger gifts. Should I stay the same designs or think of some new designs for the larger size? Comment below 😊

Last year I did attempt to produce some linocut bracelets & necklaces that I kept on delaying for many reasons at the time and never actually put them at the shop in the end. While I never had them at the shop (I had them at events only at the time) I still got some suggestions from people who support Bonfirecherry which I might use this year to produce some new ones.

Of course during the rest of the year, I will produce even more linocut prints as I’ve got a lot of plans for some but won’t rush with those. What sort of prints do you think Bonfirecherry should produce?

As a crafter I need to think about Christmas early, so the past 2 weeks I have been looking into Christmas events for Bonfirecherry to appear at. There is one venue I know I want to book a stall but debating about a second Christmas fair going off from the places I have attended in the festive period during the past few years.

In terms of Christmas products, I have already got a badge & tote bag design that I’ve produced last year that was popular so will be bringing that back. The only thing I might do this year is a Christmas knot-wrap & possibly a print. What do you think I should do?

A project that I will be working from now til the end of the year is something I have a lot of love for, I will be producing a manga chapter made using linocut. This is something that I have thought about the past 2 weeks and this would be something truly unique. The challenge is to think of a very short story using the print design “Lily The Owl Princess” (Shown above). Check out this blog post here from 2015 to find out about my love of manga (along with other books).

Going on about prints, when Bonfirecherry reaches 900 likes over the BC Facebook page I will start this years #BonfireGiveaway where I will be giving away a FREE mounted linocut print (of your choice from the selection I have). If you have got facebook please give the page a like here, for a chance to win!

Thanks for reading


 PS. Normally the picture I use for each post relates to what I am talking about, for this one I couldn't decide so went with this

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