The Cherry Post No.69 | Vintage & Craft Fair @ Abington Park Museum

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The Cherry Post No.69 | Vintage & Craft Fair @ Abington Park Museum

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

Last weekend I attended the Vintage & Craft fair at Abington Park Museum, so let’s start this week’s Cherry Post talking about that!

For anyone who has known Bonfirecherry for a long time or likes reading these blog posts, you will know I love attending events at Abington Park Museum for a variety of reasons with one of them being the location, who wouldn’t like to have a stall inside a museum?!


Want to know how the fair went? You will have to wait til next Fridays Cherry Post☺

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At the previous events at the museum I have had the stall in a wonderful room upstairs, this time around I thought I try having the stall in a different room called the grand hall which is one of the biggest rooms in the museum & the first one you come into.

Overall the event was alright, I confess I didn’t make as much as I did last time at the museum which isn’t the organisers fault just the way of fairs sometimes you do well at one fair and not so good.

Anyway, something I was able to use at the fair was the brand new banner that I treated myself to a few weeks back. What do you think?

After the fair, I honestly haven’t done much the rest of week part from doing a mini stocktake as I haven’t done one since last year for the vintage festival prep (Bonfirecherry’s biggest event in 2016).

I think that’s all for this week’s Cherry Post, don’t forget to spread the word of the #Bonfiregiveaway where you can win a FREE mounted linocut print when I reach 900 likes on Facebook!

Thanks for reading!


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