The Cherry Post No.68 | Old favourites, Fair Prep + New Designs

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The Cherry Post No.68 | Old favourites, Fair Prep + New Designs


Welcome to this week’s Cherry Post!

This week has been another creative week so lets dive straight into talking about that, with the next fair Bonfirecherry will be attending (Abington Park Museum) tomorrow I have been spending most of the week working on the final bits and bobs such as a few more tote bags and mounted prints to have available at the event.



When it came to printing more tote bags, at the last event the Rabbit’s Arent Just For Easter design was very popular so I’d be a fool if I didn’t print more or those. While I was it and found the lino, I produced back the popular Bonfirecherry tote bag design Sew Sew in Blue. Which design is your favourite?



From last week I made sure to have a few copies of the new print I produced a few days ago, Morning Arch (Brown) available to be purchased mounted along with more copies of the popular Bonfirecherry design, Megavissey (Blue). I think both prints will be popular at tomorrows fair, of course you will have to wait til next week or checking my twitter/facebook/Instagram posts to find out how the event went for Bonfirecherry.

Funky Tram (the design showed off last week) and Morning Arch were originally going to be the only new designs that I planned to produced before tomorrow events but then suddenly had the urge to work on another design.



The design I am talking is Cherry Worship (as shown above), the print is inspired by a place that has connections to Bonfirecherry. It’s based on an Orthodox church located not far from where I live where I’ve used the location for when Bonfirecherry was a fictional t-shirt business in college and used it for a photo shoot and then last year for a shoot to show off the Yonko’s Messenger t-shirts. Similar to Morning Arch, this print will first be available to tomorrows event + then available at the Bonfirecherry Etsy next week.

Something I have debated to bring back is... #BonfireGiveaway where this time around I will be giving away a free mounted print of your choose. When is it going to happen? Well the giveaway will happen when I reach just over 900 likes on the Bonfirecherry Facebook page, so other words its down to you amazing people with your support to when the giveaway will happen.

I think that is all for this week, please spread the word of the #BonfireGiveaway as it will really mean a lot.

Thanks for reading




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