The Cherry Post No.67 | Magic + Craft

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The Cherry Post No.67 | Magic + Craft

Hello all to a magical & creative Cherry Post.

This week’s CP is a mixture of what I’ve done this and what Bonfirecherry has been up to.

On Saturday as a late Christmas/Birthday present I visited the Harry Potter tour, this is something I have been looking forward to the past few months. When I visited Lisbon, Portugal awhile ago I used the hashtag #BConHoliday on all the pics I uploaded so anyone who was interested could find them easily and thought I do another hashtag for this day out to this magical place with #BCHPtour

At the Harry Potter tour! #BCHPtour

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We got to the studio early and had something to eat/drink before lining up to go in, for something different we got the digital audio guides to listen to when we were walking around which made the tour more interesting.

At the top of the grand hall #BCHPtour

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From the moment we walked through the grand hall I was longer 27 but a child again loving all the different sets such as Dumbledore’s office and the forbidden forest. Of course I had to take a selfie with nearly everything I could see haha

Trying the butter beer at the Harry Potter tour, its very nice 😊 #BCHPtour

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Of course while I was there, I had to try the butter beer see the video above to see my reaction!

Click here to see all the #BCHPTour pics, please comment below which is your favourite Harry Potter film.

Now that’s what I’ve got up to the past few days, lets move onto what Bonfirecherry got up to.


On Sunday, I returned to the print shed starting the day of producing more Falling Leaves tea towels which was the last lot of items I needed to produce for the upcoming event at Abington Park museum which Bonfirecherry will be appearing at Saturday 27th May.

Producing more Mevagissey (Blue) A5 Linocut Prints 😊

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After producing the tea towels, I had the time to re-produce some popular prints that I sold out of recently Megavissey and Record Club. Both prints will be available again at events and at the online Etsy shop.

I took some time free between the tea towels + re-producing the popular designs to put a new Lisbon inspired print design onto lino and carve but held of printing it til after making more of the prints I have mentioned above. I have decided to call this design Funky Tram (Black, at the top of the post) what do you think?

The print is now available to order here


At the start of the week I only planned to produce only one Lisbon inspired design but a few days after producing the tram print I was still in the mood to go back into the print shed to produce another design and happy to show off another print but A5 sized this time “Morning Arch”. Do you prefer this design or the tram? Comment below 😊

The new Bonfirecherry event stall banner 😊

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This week I received a new banner to use at events (with the same motto that is on this website and the business cards), the first event I will be using this banner will be at Abington Park Museum on Saturday 27th May at the Vintage & Craft fair.

I think that’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


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