The Cherry Post No.66 | Tea Towels Crazy

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

It’s been another creative week, as the title for this week’s CP gives away it involves tea towels!

Tea Towels were a last minute addition to the Bonfirecherry stall at Lamport Hall awhile ago and the time I put into printing them (by hand) did pay off as I did get some good feedback from people visiting/looking at the stall and had some sales on that I thought I produce some more this week.

Another last minute idea was a second tea towel design, for the past week I have thought about one but it was only til Monday morning that I suddenly had the idea to do leaves (it was going to be either that, sewing machines or triangles) which worked well in black and gold as shown above.

Originally had the plan to have these available first at the upcoming event at Abington Park Museum but because of the very positive feedback I got from people via the social networks I decided to add them to the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop (which can be found here) and produced more for the fair during the rest of the week, I believe the design will be popular with people at the fair on 27th May.

Because the tea towels were the main focus this week for Bonfirecherry, it won’t be til next week that you will see a brand new design inspired by Lisbon (Portugal)/Paris/Cornwall as I have one or two ideas ready to be put onto lino.

Playing children's dominoes with Julia

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Outside of work in the print shed this week, I met up with the amazing & talented Julia from JMHPhotostories for a project she is working on that I have offered to help with. We met up at the Magic Bean Emporium for a drink, lunch & some games while chatting about stuff it was fun.

Before I finish this week’s Cherry post, if you haven’t already please check out the most recent Printmakers Unite (Part 3) I published on Monday with Ieuan Edwards it is a very interesting read, you can find it here.

Thanks for reading


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