The Cherry Post No.65 | Lamport Hall + New Designs Planned


Hi all to this week’s Cherry Post

I thought I start this post on Bank Holiday Monday when it’s starting to get quiet at Lamport Hall and planning how I’m going to pack everything away.

Continuing from last week, while the main Art, Design & Craft Fair was on Sunday & Monday you was able to set up during the certain time in the afternoon on Saturday which was great as I wasn’t rushing to put the stall up. I confess at first when I knew where the Bonfirecherry stall was going to be, I was a bit skeptical of the location eg near the toilet but I was wrong as the room I was in was warm compared to some other locations around the stables (that was the only bad thing to say about the other places but part from that they looked great) and well lit as shown in the pictures.

Something I found interested with the event is that there was such a huge diversity of different stalls around that there wasn’t really a stall similar which was great for the stall holders and customers. Sale wise for the Bonfirecherry stall it was good, I can’t complain that I wasn’t busy as the room I had my stall in was very rarely quiet just with certain arty products not everyone will find it to their liking but that’s art for you.

As the fair was a two day event, I had the opportunity to try a different layout which was fun as I could alternate which products I wanted a potential customer to notice first (making sure that they could see that Bonfirecherry can produce custom work) etc. Which layout do you prefer Sundays (Totes on left) or Mondays (right)?

Will I be back for their Christmas event? Will have to wait and see later on in the year as I’m still planning what I’m doing for winter events (I do have one that I know for sure I want to do but nothing else)

Now I’ve got the first event of the year out of the way and a few weeks til Abington Park Museum, I decided to spend the rest of the week planning new designs inspired by Paris, Lisbon (Portugal) and Cornwall as I have been promising them for awhile and now is the time I get around to doing some. It won’t be til next week’s Cherry Post you will see at least one new design.

Along with new designs I am going to be retiring a few designs at the Bonfirecherry etsy shop that I have had available for awhile but been more popular events, the only design this time around will be the Astro prints and be swapping them with the new designs (mentioned above) in due time.

I think that be all next week, please comment below your opinion on the fair layout (I have ordered a new banner that I hope to show off next week) as that will mean a lot as I love different peoples opinions 😊

Thanks for reading

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