The Cherry Post No.64 | Bring On Lamport Hall!

The Cherry Post No.64 | Bring On Lamport Hall!

Well hello to this week’s Cherry Post

Unlike the previous ones, this one isn’t going to be long as I haven’t done a lot haha somewhat regretting doing so much last week but at least I don’t need to last minute rush to sort things out for Bonfirecherry’s first event of 2017 (Lamport Hall, Northampton Sunday 30th April & Monday 1st May).


Carrying on from last week, I managed to sort the knot-wrap stock I have got to make it presentable for the event. Due to the limited stock I had to remove what I had from the Etsy shop for the next few days.

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I wanted to produce a few of the Yummy tea towels (which have been on pre-order at the shop) but ran out of ink due to printing the tote bags last week. So I thought instead I print a few in different colours such as green, blue & red and temporary take the pre-order item off the shop til I am able to order some black fabric ink for the Bonfirecherry print shed.

I announced at the end of last week’s Cherry Post that yesterday evening (Thursday, the Cherry post is published on a Friday) I be doing a Facebook Live Livestream where I be showing off all the products that Bonfirecherry will be having on offer at events during this year. So for most of the week I have been making sure that everything is ready and looks presentable also how I’m going to record it eg as I am going to be using my tablet/laptop combo thingy to record via Facebook live which is normally on the desk in my print shed but that’s got the products on it so having to think of another way.

As this CP posts the day after the livestream and I am writing this before it, I will edit this post the last minute to show the livestream here. If you did miss the livestream as you are reading this, worry not the livestream will be pinned to the top of the Bonfirecherry Twitter Profile & Facebook page to watch at any time.

I am so happy that I have now got 3 events to attend this year (see front page of this site) and one of them after some delay (due to various reasons that I won’t go into) is another appearance at Abington Park Museum, which is one of my favourite venues to do a venue as I do so well there and it’s such an amazing/interesting venue to do a stall in. I have managed to get myself in a different room to what I have been in at previous events but you will just have to wait and see what I mean til this time next month. I have done a fair few events at the museum and wrote a few blog posts talking about how they went that you can find here

Tomorrow (Saturday 29th April) I will be heading over to Lamport Hall to set up the stall ahead of the main event on Sunday + Monday. Be sure to check out the Bonfirecherry twitter/facebook/Instagram to see what it’s going to look like and if you live/in around Northampton I hope to see some of you.

I think that’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


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