The Cherry Post No.63 | Getting Things Ready

Welcome all to this week’s Cherry Post

As mentioned last week, this week’s was supposed to be a double CP where I talk about the trip to Lisbon aka #BConHoliday and prep for Lamport Hall which isn’t far away now but due to I have a lot to talk about regarding the holiday I decided a whole blog post to it which you can find here.

Graffiti tram #BConholiday

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I thought I start the post off where the last one ended, the time I’m starting this post I’m currently waiting in the departure lounge in Lisbon airport looking through the pictures I took from Monday to Friday and thinking which pics can be different products eg prints, badges and totes. I’ve got a few ideas in mind that I want to do it but I’m deciding to hold off til next month due to time and other reasons that I won’t go into.


As shown in the Instagram post above I do have a great selection of A5 prints to show off at Lamport alongside A4 ones, badges, notebooks & knot-wrap that I haven’t got much to do compared to previous events part from a new banner & producing a few more tote bags as I sold out of them last year. Another thing I need to do with a new item on show, the knot-wrap is think of a new layout and because I know where my stall is located also plan on how I can make potential customers find the Bonfirecherry stall.

I have thought already how to make customers aware of my stall and that is with the spray painted whale that I showed off a few weeks ago as it stands out.

After re-opening the Bonfirecherry etsy shop on Saturday and just getting back to normal routines eg I started by going through all the A5  prints checking that the correct names & price labels have been put on the right prints eg. Normally I would mount some of my most recent designs but as I’ve still got a lot of designs that are no longer at my online shop I’ve decided to let them sell out first before working on new ones (check old designs here).


It took me a few hours to go through the A5 prints and I thought why I was at it to go through the A4 prints too as I haven’t got as much in that size compared to the A5s.  

Updated the folder about Bonfirecherry that I have on my stall at events 😊

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At events I have a small folder where I talk about the origins of Bonfirecherry, customer feedback, reviews & custom order. I spent an afternoon updating it since the last event such as the motto on what Bonfirecherry does among other things.

#BCmakes Rabbits, Lions and Balls of Wool #printmaker #linocut #print #smallbusiness

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Something I enjoyed going back into the print shed to produce was tote bags, I sold a lot of them last year so I spent a few hours to produce more of the ones I sold out of and designs I haven’t used in quite some time.

Which design is your favourite?

By Thursday morning I managed to have all the prints, tote bags, badges, knot-wrap, notebooks & posters ready for next week I just need to print a few tea towels & that will be it which I am planning on printing the day this post is published

Before the Lamport Hall event I will do a Facebook Livestream again showing off everything that I will have on offer as the previous livestream for Bonfirecherry’s 4th Birthday was pretty popular. I plan on doing it Thursday 7pm BST over at the Bonfirecherry facebook page.

I am planning on doing Part 4 of Printmakers Unite as they are popular but decided to wait til after Lisbon & most of Lamport Hall prep before I contact the very talented printmaker that I have got planned.

I think that’s all for this week, good to be back to normal doing what Bonfirecherry does best after the short break last week. If you got any ideas what I could do a blog post about or any questions about anything I have talked about please do comment below as I am up for any suggestions.

Thanks for reading


Before I finish I thought I say during the upcoming weeks most likely on Thursday to go alongside Throwback Thursday I will be reposting old blog posts (when I was on a different website provider) about different things such as talking about old designs such as Camera No.2, The Aviator & old 2014/2015 interviews that are a true gem to read.

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