The Cherry Post No.62 | #BConHoliday

The Cherry Post No.62 | #BConHoliday

Hello all!

I confess this supposed to be a double Cherry Post but as I’ve some time free and there is a lot to talk about I thought I do this separate after all.

Normally the Cherry Post is about what creative things Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days, I thought I bend that idea for this week as after all I am Bonfirecherry (that’s what some small businesses call me or cherry short) and some of the pictures I took can be used for product ideas.

Before I start I thought I say I am only showing a few of what I took, during the trip I uploaded posts using the hashtag #BConHoliday so you can all the Lisbon & Disneyland Paris (from last year) posts all here (I uploaded them to Instagram which I shared to my Facebook which is linked to my Twitter due to not so good wifi at my hotel)


Waiting for our gate #BConholiday

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I suppose I start off from the start aka Monday morning where I woke up at 2am..yep you heard me right our flight was around 7am so we (me and my brother) got up early ready for the ticket picking us up at 3.30 to get us into London Luton Airport in plenty of time. We were ready to be checked into our fight at least 40 mins before our flight was supposed to be leave but out was 7am departure was delayed til 8.30 which was a pain but wasn’t in a hurry so can’t moan that much. I confess I am not a big of flying so I just wanted to get to Lisbon already and a few hours later (2 ½ to be exact) we arrived.


Wow, very hot but wow! #BConholiday

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When we got to our hotel which is located just off the main street full of designer shops (Gucci, Hugo Boss, Prada to name a few) that leads into the centre of Lisbon itself we followed it in and went to the big square which as you can see above is very nice I just couldn’t get over the sky, the buildings and a few minutes later the heat. I don’t do so well in the heat so we only spent awhile around the square and other places before heading back to the hotel to unpack.


Loving that 😍 (Also discovered the infinite focus pro setting my camera #BConholiday

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After having a great night sleep to recover from the busy journey we had on Monday, we thought for Tuesday morning (our plan between Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday was to do as much stuff in the morning, rest for most of the afternoon before thinking about dinner) we do what normal tourists visiting Lisbon would do and that is go on a sightseeing bus ride which was great to go in the heat as the breeze you get is really refreshing.


Interesting looking castle but that this heat..nope and double nope #BConholiday

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There is 3 different sightseeing bus routes that go around Lisbon and we one we picked for Tuesday went around a place called Belem where you can find some a small castle, a few monuments & a military museum. I did like the look of the castle but as the video above shows, especially in the heat (which was around 22 to 28) I had no intention of joining the line for it.


Yours truly in front it #BConholiday

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I have a personal interest in most things military (my uncle, granddad and step dad used to be armed forces, I even had 4 different Bonfirecherry prints inspired The Revolutionary Soldier, Black Watch Jim, Robin’s War & Private Ace ) and next to the busy castle was this military museum that barely had anyone visiting which was a shame as it didn’t cost much to go in and there was plenty to see (around 8 people in total I saw) next to beautiful looking memorial monument which I had to get a picture with.


I knew going to this building would give an awesome view in return 😍 #BConholiday

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From the military museum we saw a building further up that looked interesting which we decided to look at, while it turned out only to be a exhibition hall (great looking one at that) it also gave this amazing view looking back at the bridge & castle which was a great pay off!

Both me and my brother are early birds and because it gets truly hot in Lisbon around midday we left our hotel around 7am on Wednesday which is around the time the sun rises and when Lisbon is quiet aka perfect time to get some perfect shots aka as shown above such as the main square near the sea that we first saw on Monday!




On top of the lift on Lisbon,Portugal. Such a cool time to go up! #BConholiday

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Something we saw on Monday was a lift in the centre that takes you to a spot to get a good view from the city was a great height which had like a mile long line but not at 7am it didn’t. As shown above heading around the city early really did pay off as the views we saw from that height was truly amazing.

Being a creative person I do like to try different food when I can (hey, you don’t know what you like til you try it) especially on holiday and as I love fish I ended Wednesday by having some Octopus & Bean Rice.



Following the same formula from Tuesday and Wednesday yesterday (Thursday) we went out early just shortly after sunrise where we went on a small tram ride which was cool but I let the caption for the post above do the talking so to save repeating myself. After the tram ride I hunted down some egg custard tarts (which I suppose is a must when you are in Lisbon) before going on another sightseeing bus tour.


Another church not far away from the other one. This was a treat to find, sadly didn't go in #BConholiday

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While on the bus tour we got off at a wonderful place where was 2 great looking churches that was an adventure in itself to get and was well worth it when we found them.


Just went on a Tuk Tuk for the first time Been a busy fun + hot morning. Pics later #BConholiday

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Where we were was so busy and we were waiting forever to get on a bus back we decided to go on a tuk tuk which was super fun to go back into the center of Lisbon before. We had something to eat for lunch before heading back to the hotel to chill for the rest of the day and sorting out the suitcase for the flight home on Friday (today, well the day this post is published).

Over all the break in Lisbon has been great, took some many pictures to get inspiration from that I will get around to producing some prints inspired by the city alongside Paris & Cornwall.

What is your favourite picture? Comment below, also with where you are going on holiday to this year 😊

Thanks for reading this long post, back to all things printmaking next week!

PS. The Bonfirecherry Etsy shop will be reopened on Saturday 15th April!


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