The Cherry Post No.61 | Badge Crazy!

Hello all to another creative Cherry Post

This is my last CP before I am on my short break to Lisbon, Portugal so I tried to make this week creative as possible so there is a lot to talk about!

The past few days have been crafty producing a lot of badges for the Etsy shop + custom ones for clients, you can say I have gone badge crazy 😉. It’s been fun to work on some new designs, I started off making a custom one inspired by a chalkboard (which I showed off on lino last week) for a client who worked with the medium.



It was April Fools on Saturday and I thought this year I would take part, as most of my customer base are women I thought of doing something feminine and there is nothing more feminine than lingerie! 

It did work as I managed to fool a few people


Black or Blue?

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After a few weeks of promising, I finally got around to producing a badge for the gamers out there that follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram which like most of my designs was inspired by something vintage which in this case was an old sega megadrive (genesis for any Americans reading this) games controller as I used to have one a child and I loved the design. Do you prefer the design in Black or Blue?

Not Bonfirecherry related but during the week, I had a small day trip out to Birmingham where I decided to treat myself to some new pair of vans for all the print work I've done recently and one of my favourite pair of vans have been on it's last legs for quite some time that I managed to get my hands on these cool Toy story vans :)

The custom chalkboard badge design I produced at the start of the week was pretty popular when I showed it on my social networks that an old friend/client of Bonfirecherry’s also wanted one but with different text. Normally I would do a new piece of lino to do it but as I wanted to be eco-friendly, it was the last commission I was accepting this week before going on holiday next week & the chalkboard design was the thing that the customer liked the most I decided to change the text on my pc instead.

The day this blog post is published is Bonfirecherry’s 4th birthday, during the week I have been thinking of something different for it instead of doing a sale (as I’m closing the shop at 4pm for a week). During the past few months I have been doing livestreams every now and then on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and because of Bonfirecherry’s name I decided to do something silly over at the BC Facebook page tonight at 7pm GMT (Friday 7th April) that I will livestream me eating a cherry cake and answering any questions you have got about Bonfirecherry, if you miss out don’t worry I make sure to have the livestream pinned to the top of the facebook page to watch when you can (can be found here)

So I don’t copy and paste with the news post about how my short break next week and how it will affect Bonfirecherry, you can read it here.

There won’t be a CP next week, I will be doing a double post the week after where I will talk about how Portugal went + preparation for my first event of 2017 at Lamport Hall.

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