The Cherry Post No.60 | Smile On My Face

The Cherry Post No.60 | Smile On My Face

Hello all this week’s Cherry Post, the past 7 days have been fun and creative aka the way I like it!

I’ve been working on some badges one custom for a client and some another’s for the etsy shop. Sadly I’ve got no new badges to show off for this post as I’ve got the design ready to be printed on shrink plastic which I received the day before this post is published so if you look through the Bonfirecherry social media sites you will see them otherwise you will have to wait til next week. The custom design I’ve been working on is based on an old chalkboard for a client which works with the medium which has been fun to work on, I am looking forward to produce it for her today. I’ve been followed by a lot of gamers on the Bonfirecherry twitter (my friend is one and I like to watch some gaming videos on youtube such as Team Four Star gaming aka the gaming side channel to the channel that does the Dragonball Z abridged videos) so recently I’ve been working on a game controller badge which I be working on the next few days to show off next week.

It’s been busy sales wise the past few days and the feedback I’ve been getting back the past few days have been great especially the one I have shown above as that I received on Mothers Day as it really made smile that my products can have that reaction on people, just keeps me motivated. I often update the customer feedback page which you can find here

Last week I mentioned about retiring the linocut print Camera No.2 (Black), this week I have retired the Cornwall inspired design Mevagissey (Blue) as I want to do another Cornwall inspired design at the later date as I’ve got a lot of pictures I took from going on holiday there a few years back to use as inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration I have been thinking of ideas for Art In The Park, a way of getting a Bonfirecherry print (which I will have to do under my own name for this) in a exhibition at a museum where people can look & buy art work so I have been generating ideas for a detailed Northampton inspired design that will attract peoples attention.

Going on from that I have be careful not to give myself too much to do as I’m going away to Lisbon, Portugal 10th April and after I come back I be working on printing a fair few tote bags for the Lamport Hall event (I won’t be producing a lot of stock for the event as I’ve still got a lot left over from the big events last year).Just in case you missed the news I have added a new event to the Upcoming Fairs/Events that Bonfirecherry will be appearing at this year, see the front page to see what it is!

Outside of Bonfirecherry work, I had a great evening at the start of the week of meeting up with some buddies of mine and doing a quiz evening at the Zapato Lounge. I have visited the place at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks so thought it was worth a mention

I think that’s all for this week, thank you very much for reading!


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