The Cherry Post No.58 + 59 | Second Time Lucky

Welcome all to a double Cherry Post this week, feels like such a long time since the last post!

The past two weeks I have been busy with print work & something that will help me/Bonfirecherry which I will go into shortly.

It’s been a busy two weeks with orders Bonfirecherry have received that I have sold out of the A5 Linocut Print, Camera No.2 (Black) (well last very print I’ve got it is a mounted one that is reserved) that has been with BC since late 2014/2015 so I’ve decided to retire the design at the Bonfirecherry shop so I try new designs and keep the etsy shop fresh if you get what I mean.

For those wondering why it’s called Camera No.2, back in 2010 when Bonfirecherry was a fictional t-shirt business as part of a college project I thought of a camera design based on a sony digital camera that 2 years later (when I brought Bonfirecherry back as a linocut printing business) I decided to call Camera No.1 that you may have saw last year as I brought it back as a notebook design, please comment below if you prefer Camera No.1 or No.2 😊


Just finished producing this custom #linocut #print What do you think of the design? #bespoke #camera #vintage #photographer

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Last week I produced this cool custom print for a client/good friend of mine which was fun to produce as you can see above. I’ve got some other custom projects planned the next few days so I hope to show at least one of those off next week.


What I bought from #birminghamcomiccon #mcmbirmingham today 🙂

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Not really Bonfirecherry related but last Saturday I went to MCM Birmingham Comic Con with friends, I always like going dressed up (see the cosplay here) as it's part of the fun and managed to get myself a few things with money I received for my birthday which was last week (confess didn't do much but comic con was part of a treat to myself as you see below I had other things on my mind to focus on). After that I visited Birming New Street + Bullring which was fun to check out as I only ever visit Birmingham for Comic Con and that was it. Comic Con always falls the same time as a fair in my college last November I decided to do a christmas event and this time around I decided to go with Comic Con. If you ever been to a Comic Con please comment below what you have gone dressed as :)

The reason why there was no Cherry Post last week was because to be fair part from the orders and custom project that I’ve just talked about it wasn’t the main thing I was focusing on, the thing that had my attention most of all was last Thursday I had my first theory test (well my first test I took was around 2009/2010 but it was so long ago) which I sadly failed (not by much for my “first” attempt) but managed to get another test booked this Thursday  so designed to delay this CP as a double to see how I would do the second time and well after doing many days worth of theory/hazard perception mock tests I passed my theory test!

What has my theory test got to do with Bonfirecherry? I am 27 and when I book events it normally depends if someone like a family member can take me and with that it means that I can really do Northampton based events, I tried driving in college when BC was a fictional business but just didn’t have the motivated and interest but that’s now changed so I want do learn how to drive so I can do more events even ones outside Northampton just have to wait and see.

The theory test revision (which paid off) took a lot of focus away from a few projects I’ve had it in mind such as Part 3 of Printmakers Unite, I do have another very extremely talented linocut printer planned which I want to get hold of next week to have something released by the beginning of April at least.



Trying not to get myself stuck into too many projects because half way in April I will be away on holiday to Lisbon, Portugal which I am excited about. I did want to do something for Bonfirecherry’s 4th birthday as the holiday will fall around then but will need to check up on that. I think will mainly be focusing on the Lamport Hall events which will be on at the end of April.

Before I finish this week’s Cherry Post I plan on booking 2 more events during the next few days that I should be announcing next week, fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading, if you ever have any comments on what I could a blog post about or any questions feel free to ask 😊


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